Wood plastic composite quality standards in Vietnam

Below are statistics on TCVN Vietnam National Standards on wood plastic composite materials applied to projects in Vietnam.

So what is Wood Plastic Composite?

Plastic wood, also known as composite plastic wood, is a synthetic material, made up of wood, plastic and some organic or inorganic additives. Types of plastic that can be used include HDPE, PVC, PP, ABS... Wood plastic composites are often used for doors, entrances, bedroom doors, fences, loggias, swimming pool floors or other locations. outdoor instead of natural wood. This type of material has many superior properties that are environmentally friendly, waterproof (can be used for outdoor projects, in places with high humidity), highly resistant to termites and mold, safe for the health of users. Plastic wood can be shaped easily with high aesthetics. Wood plastic composite is non-conductive, fireproof, heat resistant and does not require painting because the colors are available and contain UV protection.

Vietnamese National Standards TCVN applies to flooring:

Currently, there are two national standards to control the quality of wood-plastic composite material products, including TCVN 11352:2016 Wood-plastic composite flooring; TCVN 11353:2016 Wood-plastic composite decorative panels. In particular, wood-plastic composite flooring products must meet the following regulations: High bending breaking force (> 2500 N for boards used in public places); Low water absorption rate (< 3 %); The rate of size change after temperature change is low (< 1 %); The rate of size change after soaking in water is low (< 0.5 %). Wood-plastic composite decorative board products must meet the following requirements: Material moisture (< 2%); Average static bending strength > 20 MPa; High dimensional stability (< 1.5 %); Thickness swelling after water absorption is low (< 0.5 %).

Naviwood plastic wooden doors comply with TCVN 9366-1:2012

PVC, SPC floor mats, also known as plastic flooring, are also an alternative product for natural wood floors and stone tiles. In the current Vietnamese standards system, there are a number of standards used to control the quality of this product: TCVN 12278:2018 Homogeneous poly (vinyl chloride) floor coverings; TCVN 12279:2018 Heterogeneous poly (vinyl chloride) floor coverings; TCVN 12280:2018 Semi-flexible poly(vinyl chloride) floor coverings with vinyl composition (VCT); TCVN 12281:2018 Expanded Poly (vinyl chloride) floor coverings (with damping cushion).

Naviwood plastic wooden doors comply with TCVN 9366-1:2012

These types of materials often have typical properties such as: High flexibility (bending through a 20 mm axis without cracking); Low residual concavity (< 0.1 mm); High dimensional stability (<0.4 %); Good color fastness (ΔE ≤ 8 after 300 hours of accelerated weathering test); Difficult to scratch or separate layers.

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PVC and SPC flooring have the advantages of being safe for users, not emitting toxic substances, good water and moisture resistance, good scratch resistance, little shrinkage, expansion, and deformation during during use and will not be affected by termites or rot. This material tends to be used more to replace floors made of other materials in today's construction.

Naviwood plastic wooden doors comply with TCVN 9366-1:2012

Luxurious Naviwood composite plastic wooden doors with top quality in Vietnam.

Vietnam National Standard TCVN on composite wood-plastic doors:

Plastic wooden door Compoiste is a popular trend in the world and in Vietnam. Composite plastic wood doors have many outstanding advantages compared to other conventional doors such as 100% water resistance, no fire, no termites, no cracking, good sound insulation, similar to natural wood, diverse in color. color and style. Compoiste plastic wooden doors are modernly and luxuriously designed and are widely used for bedroom doors, hotel doors, apartment doors, hospital doors, office doors, toilet door ...
Currently, composite wood plastic doors apply Vietnam national standard TCVN 9366-1:2012 of the Ministry of Construction. Composite plastic wood doors must meet the requirements specified in the TCVN 9366-1:2012 standard set to be installed and used for construction projects in Vietnam.

TCVN 9366 plastic wooden door

Naviwood plastic wooden doors comply with TCVN 9366-1:2012

Naviwood composite wood plastic doors have been tested and achieved testing results consistent with Vietnamese national standards TCVN 9366-1:2012.

NAVI WOOD Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in manufacturing composite wood-plastic bedroom doors and is the leading supplier of composite wood-plastic bedroom doors in Vietnam. Officially imported ingredients from famous brands. Naviwood composite wood plastic door products are used for hotel doors, bedroom doors, hospital doors, office doors... Naviwood composite plastic wood doors have been tested and meet TCVN 9366-1:2012 standards issued by Vietnam Ministry of Construction regulations.
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