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We were established to bring comfort and luxurious living space, helping to light a warm fire for your family!

Navi Wood Company is a pioneer in producing composite wooden plastic doors in Vietnam. Naviwood wood plastic composite doors (WPC - wood plastic composite) are produced on the most modern and advanced technology line today.

Naviwood composite wooden doors have perfect quality, sophisticated design in every detail, and a variety of designs and colors. Naviwood composite wood and plastic doors the door is 45mm thick water proof (100% water resistant), No termites, no cracks, no mold, no toxic substances, no fire, no need for periodic painting...

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Naviwood composite wood-plastic door products are recommended by experts and architects because they use environmentally friendly green materials.

The staff is professionally trained by leading experts. We are confident in providing high quality, highly aesthetic products and meeting all progress requirements.

Naviwood composite wooden doors are suitable for all projects such as hotel doors, apartment doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, office doors...

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Make a difference

Focusing on quality, trends, and user value is what Naviwood wants to aim for. Therefore, with each product we design and supply, we constantly strive for perfection to aim for difference, diversity in style, and strong aesthetics. This helps make your space the most sophisticated, novel and beautiful.

Create a warm Vietnamese family home

We were established with the mission of bringing products suitable for the Vietnamese space but with high quality and good prices. Furthermore, Naviwood wants to create a community connecting customers, partners and designers closer together. From there, we hope to create products that are crystallized from mutual understanding.

Naviwood composite plastic wooden door

Objective: Affirming outstanding quality

The goal that Naviwood wants to aim for is to constantly improve ideas and technology, constantly innovate, and constantly improve productivity and product quality. The ultimate goal we want to achieve is to become a leading store brand in Vietnam. And moreover, bringing Vietnamese brands to the market.

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Core values

Naviwood products are created to address customer needs. Since then, we have continuously improved to serve our preferences, values, and styles. And above all, our designs always ensure convenience, suitable for each household's usage purpose.

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