Instructions for installing Naviwood plastic wooden doors

Below are detailed instructions for installing composite wood plastic doors in the fastest and most effective way today:

Step 1. Check and re-measure the door opening - Construction and installation of composite wood-plastic doors

Check the dimensions of the top, middle, and bottom three points of width, the left and right two points of height, and whether the wall thickness is uniform. You can use a leveler or a nivo to check the verticality of the door panel. The standard size of the door opening determines whether the installation of wooden plastic doors is guaranteed or not. If the waiting box is defective, tilted, warped, has uneven walls or the size is not within tolerance, the installation team is responsible for immediately reporting to the responsible person for a solution.

Advantages of wooden plastic doors Naviwood It is possible to accept large tolerances in door panels thanks to the smart brace that can change size. The tolerance for doorways when constructing and installing plastic wooden doors is about +20mm for width and +20mm for height.

Step 2: Fix the mattress (bug) to both sides of the waiting box wall:

The night plate, also known as the beetle, is made of plastic wood High quality, water resistant, force resistant and good screw grip. The cushion is the intermediate object that attaches the door frame to the wall, directly affecting the sturdiness of the door set after complete installation.

Depending on the strength and structure of the wall, installation staff will use different types of screws.

  • The wall has a stable structure, use concrete nails to shoot the pad directly into the wall.
  • If the wall has a weak structure, the technician will use D8x100 screws.
  • Plasterboard walls use reinforced steel frames using self-drilling screws.
  • The wall is a wooden frame using wood screws.

Step 3: Install the frame to the wall

Install 2 front vertical frame bars and rear horizontal frame bars sequentially. Vertical and horizontal frame molding bars must be measured and cut accurately according to actual installation dimensions. With doors installed for bathrooms, construction workers installing wooden plastic doors must pay attention to cutting the base of the frame according to the stone steps, if any. The above small details ensure aesthetics as well as tightness, avoiding creating gaps for insects to nest. Then connect the frame to the pre-attached pad to the wall with screws.

Link the vertical frame and horizontal frame as shown below


* Use a bug to place behind the frame, press the frame close to the wall and then drill through the frame and the bug. Close the expansion tank and then tighten the frame (like installing a regular aluminum door).

* Use the 10mm recessed shutter button to cover the screw hole beautifully

Step 4: Install the hinges on the door and attach the door to the frame

With a conventional single-wing door, we install 3 mother-child hinges on the door. The positions of the 3 mother and child hinges are 200mm, 800mm from the top of the wing down and 250mm from the bottom of the wing up. Place and attach the wings to the frame, ensuring the gap between the mold and the wings is 3mm, and between the wings and the floor is 5mm.

Step 5: Install the brace on the door frame

Calculate the length of the braces and cut the diagonal angle at 45 degrees. Connect the brace to the frame through the brace's mounting pin. Use silicone glue to cover the gaps between the brace and the wall. Similar to door frames, with toilet doors, construction workers installing composite wooden plastic doors must pay close attention to attaching the braces to the stone steps.

Step 6: Install door locks and other wooden door accessories

To ensure absolute accuracy, the keyhole on the wing has been pre-drilled from the factory. Technical staff installs locks, locks, and edges lock up and locking arms on the wings. Next, cut and insert the lock mouth into the mold. Test operate the lock, open and close the door to check the fit between the lock tongue and the lock mouth.

The quickest and most accurate guide to drilling beautiful standard door locks:

Step 7: Complete cleaning.

Check the door set one last time before cleaning the door set before handing over to the customer. Use a damp cloth with clean water to wipe off dust around the door frame. Wing wooden plastic door Completed and handed over to customer with intact protective plastic bag.

Genuine composite wood plastic doors always have a protective label printed with the manufacturer's logo


The door frame matches the wall thickness

Dimensions of composite wood plastic doors according to feng shui standards

Bedroom door size according to feng shui

Install the door according to feng shui

Please contact directly agency to receive detailed Autocad drawings of composite wood-plastic doors.