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Alnavi wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels

Alnavi wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels

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Alnavi wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels - The perfect solution for a luxurious and classy home

Alnavi wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels are a breakthrough product, providing the perfect solution for those who are looking for modern construction materials that meet high aesthetic needs and ensure outstanding features.

Outstanding features:

  • Diverse sizes: Alnavi aluminum panels have standard sizes of 900x2200mm and 900x2400mm , suitable for many different construction spaces.
  • Advanced structure: Wood grain aluminum surface is combined with bamboo charcoal core and aluminum honeycomb, creating a solid, durable structure, while also bringing luxurious, sophisticated beauty .
  • Diverse applications: Alnavi aluminum panels are used flexibly for many construction items, especially making aluminum honeycomb doors.
  • Outstanding advantages:
    • Effective soundproofing and heat insulation help reduce noise and save energy for the house.
    • Good fire resistance, ensuring safety for users.
    • Water resistant, termite resistant, suitable for Vietnam's hot and humid climate.
    • High durability, no warping, termites or aging over time.
    • Easy to construct, install and move.
  • Competitive price: Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panel quote depends on panel size, ensuring competitiveness in the market.
  • Reputable supplier: Naviwood is the only official distributor of Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels in Vietnam, committed to high quality products and professional service.

Alnavi wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels are the perfect choice for those who want to create a luxurious and classy living space, while ensuring comfort and safety for the family.

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