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Aluminum honeycomb door

Aluminum honeycomb door

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What is aluminum honeycomb door?

Aluminum honeycomb doors are doors made from high-quality aluminum alloy, with a special structure that simulates a honeycomb shape. Thanks to this design, aluminum honeycomb doors possess many outstanding advantages compared to traditional aluminum doors, providing the perfect choice for modern construction projects.

Aluminum honeycomb door

Structure of aluminum honeycomb door:

Aluminum honeycomb door structure

The aluminum honeycomb door structure includes the following main parts:

  • Aluminum honeycomb door 45mm thick : aluminum sheet surface has aluminum honeycomb core inside for good strength, water resistance, and effective fire resistance
  • Frames: Made from high quality aluminum alloy, good strength, ensuring durability for the door.
  • Aluminum honeycomb core: Honeycomb structure with small hexagonal cells helps increase bearing capacity, soundproofing, and heat insulation effectively.
  • Aluminum face plate: Two flat aluminum panels are attached to both sides of the aluminum honeycomb core, protecting the core and creating aesthetics for the door.
  • Accessory: Handles, hinges, door locks, rubber gaskets,... ensure the door operates smoothly and flawlessly.
Aluminum honeycomb door structure

Are aluminum honeycomb doors good?


  • Bearing good: The honeycomb structure distributes force evenly, helping the door withstand higher forces than conventional aluminum doors.
  • Effective sound and heat insulation: Blocks noise and temperature from outside, creating a quiet, cool space.
  • Light-weight: Aluminum is a lightweight material, making the door easy to move and install.
  • Enduring: Good resistance to oxidation and rust, long life.
  • Beauty: Diverse and modern designs, suitable for many architectural styles.


  • Higher cost: Compared to conventional aluminum doors.
  • High construction technical requirements: Ensures accuracy and tightness for the door.


  • Aluminum honeycomb doors are used as main doors for houses, villas, offices, shops,... bringing luxurious, modern beauty and ensuring safety for the house.
  • Warehouse doors: Aluminum honeycomb doors have good bearing capacity, high safety, suitable for use in warehouse doors, factories,...
  • Emergency exit doors: Aluminum honeycomb doors meet fire safety standards, often used as emergency exit doors for buildings, commercial centers,...

Price of aluminum honeycomb doors:

The price of aluminum honeycomb doors depends on:

  • Door size: The larger the door, the higher the price.
  • Aluminum Thickness: The thicker the aluminum, the higher the price.
  • Aluminum core type: The thicker the aluminum core, the higher the price.
  • Style and design: The more complex the design, the higher the price.
  • Trademark: Reputable brand, higher price.

Address for selling aluminum honeycomb doors:

Naviwood is a manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb doors and provides materials and equipment for producing aluminum honeycomb doors in Vietnam. You can find and buy Naviwood aluminum honeycomb doors at construction materials dealers and reputable aluminum and glass stores nationwide.


  • You should choose to buy aluminum honeycomb doors at reputable addresses to ensure product and service quality.
  • Carefully consult prices and compare suppliers before buying.
  • Require suppliers to provide documents proving the origin of the product.

Reference website:

In general, aluminum honeycomb doors are a versatile material with many applications in life, providing the perfect solution for different needs. With outstanding advantages, aluminum honeycomb doors promise to continue to be popular and widely used in the future.

Hopefully the above information will help you better understand aluminum honeycomb doors and choose the right product for your project.

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