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Wood plastic composite door NW137

Wood plastic composite door NW137

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Naviwood NW137 Wood Plastic Composite Door - Luxurious, Modern & Classy

Naviwood NW137 is a line of high-quality composite wood-plastic doors, bringing luxury, modernity and class to every space. The product is the perfect choice for:

    • Hotel door
    • Apartment door
    • Bedroom door
    • And many other spaces

With many outstanding advantages, Naviwood NW137 is the most popular door trend today:

  • Premium quality:
    • Genuine imported materials, ensuring durability and 100% water resistance.
    • The monolithic door is 45mm thick, creating a unique and luxurious appearance.
    • Door frame 100mm (can be replaced to match wall thickness).
    • Covering wall gaps increases aesthetics.
    • Stainless steel 304 hinges are 3mm thick and up to 125mm long, ensuring durability and smooth operation.
    • Stainless steel door lock is anti-rust, safe to use (can use magnetic card lock, fingerprint lock, Huy Hoang lock, Viet Tiep lock...).
    • Door rubber gasket absorbs sound, good sound insulation.
    • Luxurious wood grain color, diverse designs, suitable for all architectural styles.
  • Durability: Resistant to termites, warping, cracking, and does not require periodic painting.
  • Health safety: Does not contain toxic substance Formaldehyde.
  • Good sound insulation: Provides a quiet, private space.
  • Easy and quick installation: Save construction time.
  • Reasonable price: Fits every budget.

Naviwood NW137 - Perfect choice for your space:

  • Raise the class of your home.
  • Create luxury and modernity.
  • Guaranteed safety and comfort.
  • Brings quiet and comfort.

Contact Naviwood immediately for free consultation and the best quote!

Hotline: 0399 656 939

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