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Composite plastic wooden door NW68

Composite plastic wooden door NW68

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Naviwood's Compoiste NW68 plastic wooden door is a high-end product popular with many outstanding advantages, meeting diverse needs for residential projects, villas, hotels, and luxury apartments.

Outstanding features:

  • 45mm thick monolithic door : Absolutely water-resistant, no warping, shrinkage, or termites in humid environments.
    Wooden plastic composite door
  • Door frame : Helps increase bearing capacity, strong impact resistance, ensuring home safety.
  • Wall gap cover splint : Creates high aesthetics for the project, while also helping to shield the gap between the door and wall, preventing dust and insects from entering.
  • Stainless Steel 304 hinges : High load-bearing, rust-resistant, ensuring the door operates smoothly and smoothly for a long time.
  • Stainless steel door lock : Safe, sturdy, highly durable.
  • Door rubber damper : Helps reduce noise, creating a quiet space for the house.
  • Changing color at constant price : Meets diverse aesthetic needs of customers.
  • Fast delivery deadline : Ensure project construction progress.
  • Unlimited quantity : Suitable for large projects.
  • Exporting to Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam markets : Affirming the quality and reputation of the Naviwood brand.

In addition, Compoiste NW68 plastic wooden doors also possess many other advantages such as:

  • Good soundproofing and thermal insulation : Helps save energy for cooling and heating the house.
  • Good fire resistance : Protects people and property in case of fire.
  • Easy to clean : Smooth surface, simple to clean.
  • Diverse designs : Suitable for all residential architecture.

With outstanding advantages, Compoiste NW68 plastic wooden doors are the ideal choice for modern construction projects.

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