Collection of beautiful, modern bedroom door models that are popular today

The bedroom door is considered a tool to protect the homeowner's private space. Therefore, designing beautiful, sturdy room doors is always a concern of customers. Currently, depending on the economic conditions of each family, there are unique and impressive door models.

Criteria for choosing beautiful, modern bedroom doors

Samples door Bringing you private space and peaceful sleep. Besides, it also brings aesthetic elements to your living space. So what are the criteria for choosing unique door models? Customers can base on the following criteria:

What is the purpose of using the door?

When choosing a room door, you need to determine who the door is for. When determining the intended user, customers will find the most satisfactory door models. Beautiful bedroom models for adults should choose beautiful, sturdy bedroom doors. Because many families choose this as a place to store important items.

On the contrary, if it is a children's room, you should choose white or pink doors. Special priority is given to bedroom door models with ventilation openings to help parents observe children's activities.

What is the color of the door?

Homeowners can arrange room doors with feng shui-appropriate colors. You should choose a door color that matches your destiny to increase wealth and prosperity. In addition to ensuring feng shui, colors need to be in harmony with the whole.

Materials create beautiful room doors

Currently there are many room door models with different materials. Therefore, depending on the preferences and conditions of each family, there are the most suitable options. Customers can choose aluminum doors with elegant and polite design. Or choose sturdy iron room doors with long product life. In addition, you can choose beautiful composite wood and plastic bedroom doors to enhance the beauty of the room.

Standard size for room door selection

Before choosing a beautiful door, you need to accurately determine the height, length and width of the door. That size needs to ensure absolute accuracy for convenience in door assembly. Bedroom door models ensure feng shui but also require precise dimensions. Therefore, it is necessary to provide correct technical specifications so that the door completion and installation process can take place quickly and reasonably.

How to arrange room doors according to feng shui

Because the bedroom is related to the homeowner, it is necessary to ensure a feng shui layout. This creates spiritual comfort while balancing feng shui elements. Therefore, in the process of arranging room doors, homeowners need to pay attention to the following issues:

The bedroom door does not face the main door

According to feng shui concept, if the bedroom door is opposite the main door, the main door will come straight in. If arranged like this, it can seriously affect the health and happiness of the couple. A private space that is easy for everyone to see will cause a third person to intervene in the couple's happiness. At the same time, such a layout will make the homeowner feel insecure and worried.

The bedroom door should not face the bathroom door

The toilet is a damp and unclean place, so absolutely limit the arrangement of the functional room door opposite the toilet door. If the bedroom door is opposite the toilet, the weapon can easily fly into your family's resting space. This causes the owner of the room to often suffer from illness and have restless sleep, which directly affects their lifestyle.C

The bedroom door should not be directly opposite the kitchen door

Because the kitchen is a place for cooking, smoke, grease, and unpleasant odors can easily fly into the bedroom, easily affecting your health. When resting, toxins in the kitchen can interfere with your sleep. This problem seriously affects the health of yourself and your family.

Feng shui taboo : you should not choose a bedroom door with an arc shape (arched door) because in feng shui, an arc-shaped door resembles a tombstone. This does not bring luck and fortune to the living, so you should not design the door in this shape.

Collection of the best and most modern bedroom door models this year

Room doors are selected based on the preferences of each family member. Therefore, customers can refer to the beautiful and impressive room door models below.

Bedroom door model has glass panes

Bedroom door model has glass panes

The bedroom door model has beautiful decorative motifs that attract all eyes:

Bedroom composite plastic wood door model creates acoustic fluorescence:

The bedroom door model has a neoclassical embossed molding

Composite plastic wood doors make simple and elegant flat bedroom doors:

The door has louvres for better ventilation

Wooden plastic composite doors have louvres to help with ventilation

The bedroom door model has an additional Fix box on top

The bedroom door has a panel above


Above are composite plastic wood door models used as bedroom doors. With composite plastic wood material Wing thickness up to 45mm, 100% water resistant, no termites, no cracks, no toxic substances, no fire, good sound insulation, high durability, many beautiful designs, composite wood plastic doors are the number one choice. 1 for the current bedroom door. Hope you will choose the most suitable door style for your family.

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