Summary of main door models in Vietnam

The door is the detail that leaves the first impression on the aesthetics of the house, and is an item that Vietnamese homeowners pay great attention to.

What is a door?

Doors are an indispensable item in house construction in particular and in any other architectural works in general. According to the definition in architecture textbooks, door is a flexible covering and dividing structure to divide spaces and functional rooms to suit human use requirements at each specific time...

Doors are an indispensable part in housing construction

In terms of function, the door is an important element of traffic (doors), or in terms of physical architecture such as lighting and ventilation (windows). Aesthetically, doors are highlights for arrays or routes for architectural space; On the outside, the door is a component that creates the facade and architectural form of the building.

Why is it necessary to choose your door carefully?

Since ancient times, in folk architecture, our ancestors have paid great attention to door design in building houses. Door (main door) It also has the meaning of being the face of the house and the owner, so the door is often invested very carefully by the homeowner. “Tall houses, wide doors” is still a familiar Vietnamese proverb, and is the dream of any homeowner.

Build a house to see the direction door Home has long been a necessity. See the direction that suits the geography and natural climate; See if the direction is suitable for the owner's age and destiny. When designing and closing, the homeowner must choose a nice size and good numbers to pray for fortune and luck.

When building a house, you must definitely pay attention to the door element

Eliminating non-scientific factors, the door is an element of traditional beliefs deeply rooted in the subconscious of people from all walks of life. Doors are an indispensable part of architectural works. That's why the door is always associated with the house, forming the phrase House - Door. A house is no longer simply a House and a Door, but a place, a property, a concept with spiritual elements.

In terms of security, the door is the part that ensures privacy and safety in daily life for the homeowner, helping to prevent the house from bad people intending to steal property.

Choosing a door therefore not only needs to focus on aesthetics, feng shui, and functionality, but also prioritize security to ensure safety for the whole family.

Classify house doors according to the number of wings

To easily visualize and choose house doors, Vietnamese people often divide the types of doors available on the market based on the following criteria:
* 4-wing door
* 2-wing door
* Single door
* Multi-panel sliding folding door: can have 4 or more wings

The 2-panel door opens to a steel core plastic material.

Classify doors by material

If classified by material, the Vietnamese market today has popular types of doors that are:

Natural wooden doors:

Natural types of wood for making doors include: rosewood, black rosewood, yellow rosewood, Lim wood, bottle wood...

The advantage of natural wooden doors is the beautiful wood grain. Each type of wood will have a different and unique grain. Natural wooden doors can also be carved with intricate patterns, bringing unique aesthetics, luxury and class to the homeowner. Natural wood is often highly durable, and some rare types of wood also increase in value over the years.

Poor quality wood is susceptible to termites or rot.

Steel core plastic door

Steel core plastic doors are doors with steel core profile bars covered with uPVC plastic, which have very good soundproofing, heat insulation and waterproofing properties. In addition, steel core plastic doors have the advantage of not being abraded, warped, and have good impact resistance over long periods of use.

Currently, most steel core plastic door models on the market are produced domestically based on genuine imported technology and materials.

Steel core plastic door

Aluminum glass doors

Aluminum glass doors are doors made of two main components: aluminum frame and glass. The outer aluminum frame will help shape and support the inner glass so that it is sturdy and safe to use.

Aluminum glass doors have the advantage of being durable and beautiful, suitable for all changing weather conditions due to their heat and water resistant properties. Aluminum glass doors have a very long lifespan because this material does not oxidize or turn yellow under conditions of solar radiation and acid rain.

Doors made from aluminum and glass are more stable than doors made from other materials, retaining structural accuracy and original beauty throughout the period of use. The fit between the mold and the door always ensures tightness, keeping your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Xingfa aluminum glass doors are increasingly chosen by more and more families for their homes.

Industrial wooden doors

Industrial wooden doors stand out with the ability to simulate wood grain and imitation stone, satisfying the visual needs of users. Industrial wooden doors have the advantage of not shrinking, can be made flat and painted in any color as desired. Industrial wooden doors are very easy to clean because all gaps and joints are sealed so dust cannot stick for long.

However, industrial wooden doors are available Poor resistance to moisture If the wood is not treated properly, deformation may result if installed in outdoor conditions.

Industrial wooden doors are popular with many Vietnamese people, but it is necessary to choose good materials and execute them with proper techniques.

Wood grain steel door

Like aluminum glass doors, wood-grain steel doors are also highly durable, can be used for a long time without worrying about warping or termites thanks to the structure of 2 layers of electroplated stainless steel, with a thickness of 0.8-1 ,2mm. But because of this structure, wood grain steel doors are heavier than aluminum glass doors. The weight of wood grain steel doors can be up to 40-50kg.

Wood-grain steel doors also possess better heat and sound insulation than other materials because of the Honeycomb paper load-bearing bone system. In addition, the faux wood grain layer that resembles natural wood enhances the aesthetics of the house, which is also an advantage that cannot be ignored of this door model.

Wood grain steel doors have many advantages but are quite heavy so need to be carefully calculated before installation.

Iron door

This type of door is designed with a door frame made of iron and a wing frame made of box iron surrounding all four sides, in the middle is usually tempered glass or square iron, often used to make the main door or gate. The advantage of a 1-wing iron door is that it is easy to design patterns on the door, creating highlights according to customer preferences, and at an affordable price. However, iron doors often rust easily, the door sags after use and needs to be repainted.

Iron door. Internet photo.

Wooden plastic composite door

Naviwood's leading plastic and wood composite door factory in Vietnam.

Our company is a pioneer in producing composite wooden plastic doors in Vietnam. Naviwood plastic wooden doors (WPC) are produced on the most modern and advanced technological line today.

Naviwood doors have perfect quality, sophisticated design in every detail, and a variety of designs and colors. Naviwood doors are waterproof (100% water resistant), no termites, no cracks, no mold, no toxic substances, no fire, no need for periodic painting...

Naviwood door products are recommended by experts and architects because they use environmentally friendly green materials.

The staff is professionally trained by leading experts. We are confident in providing high quality, highly aesthetic products and meeting all progress requirements.

Naviwood doors are suitable for all projects such as hotel doors, apartment doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, office doors...

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