What size is the hole? Instructions on how to use a hole ruler in the most detail

What is a hole-ban ruler and how to use it in the most detailed way is a question asked by many people in house construction. For more details, please refer to the concept of a hole ruler and detailed instructions on how to use a hole ruler in the following article.

What size is the hole? Instructions on how to use a ruler in the most detailed way for you

1. What is a hole ruler?

A ruler is a type of measuring instrument used to measure dimensions in construction. The name of the Lu Ban ruler is named after the person who invented it - Lu Ban.

This type of ruler is used in the construction of Duong Trach (houses) and Am Trach (graves). On this type of ruler, there are normal size divisions, corresponding to good and bad arcs. Correspondence in the hole ruler helps users know which sizes to use and which sizes to avoid.

2. Origin of the hole ruler

The Lu ban ruler was named after the personal name of a man named Ban (also known as Cong Du) - considered the founder of carpentry and construction in the Lu state from 770 - 476 BC. Lu Ban also means "Mr. Ban from the State of Lu".

Lu Ban is considered by many people to be the founder of carpentry and construction in the vast country of China. Eastern people believe that when building a house, everyone wants to choose a beautiful standard size for the house to match feng shui in order to have good luck and bring fortune to the homeowner.

3. Classification of hole rulers

Currently on the market there are many hole rulers with different sizes. Of course, depending on the type of ruler as well as the object intended to be measured such as a door, altar, etc., there will be different ways of calculating and determining the "golden parameters".

Currently on the market there are many hole rulers with different sizes

There are 3 types of hole rulers commonly used today:

Board hole ruler 52.2cm: Used to measure hollow blocks, clear spaces also known as "light leaks", "heart leaks", "air leaks" in the house such as: window boxes, open spaces, main doors, windows, skylights...

Board hole ruler 42.9cm: Used to measure solid blocks, construction details as well as indoor furniture such as: envelope size of house blocks, pedestals, kitchens, steps, beds, cabinets...

Hole ruler 38.8cm: Used to measure graves such as: graves, tombs, altars, small coffins...

4. Meaning of the arcs in the Lu ban ruler

Details of the 8 sectors and intervals of the 42.9cm ruler:

- Cung Tai: In the interior of the palace, the homeowner will have a lot of fortune and wealth, they will be able to spend it for generations to come, they will be satisfied with everything they do and have many blessings.

- Disease Palace: Money can fly away, you can get involved in gossip, legal issues, legal issues, and a lonely life.

- Cung Ly: If the measurement is in the palace of Ly, the homeowner will encounter many bad things, their fortune will be dissipated, their belongings will be pawned, their work will not develop, they will lose wealth and money.

- Cung Nghia: Brings a lot of luck to the homeowner, easily achieves what he wants, has good children, is filial, becomes famous, and gives birth to noble children.

- Cung Quan: Have an easy career path, prosper in business, and easily achieve wealth and prosperity.

- Cung Trinh: Homeowners will easily encounter accidents, death, loss of life, loss of money, and exile.

- Cung Har: Causing the homeowner to encounter many uncertainties, possibly having an accident, death, suffering from many diseases, family chaos and discord.

- Supply Network: The homeowner meets noble people who help, gets lucky, passes the exam, saves money, business prospers, and has fortune.

The photo illustrates the details of the 8 sectors and the intervals of the 42.9cm ruler

Details of the 8 sectors and intervals of the 52.5cm ruler:

- Palace of nobles: If you meet this sign, you will have a well-off family, prosperous business, loyal friends, and smart and filial children.

- Hazard arc: The size of a house's door must be a sign of danger, dissipation of fortune, unstable and needy life, often sick people in the house, unfilial children, and failure to become famous.

- Natural disaster palace: This is the sign that often causes serious illness, death, loss of property, discord between husband and wife, and children in trouble.

- Palace of genius: It's a good palace. The homeowner is talented, beneficial, always lucky in terms of fortune, business goes smoothly, children are filial, family lives long, peaceful, happy, and fulfilled.

- Palace of blessings: Bringing the homeowner a prosperous life, happiness, a growing career, smart, studious children, a warm and peaceful family.

- Palace of Solitude: When the door of the house meets this palace, the homeowner loses money and wealth, separates, children are disobedient, and drink alcohol excessively to the point of death.

- Palace of Heavenly Thieves: Be careful of sudden illness, bad luck, lawsuits, prison, or death.

- Prime Minister's Palace: Create prosperity for the homeowner in all aspects, children will gain wealth and fame, give birth to noble children, and the homeowner will always have luck.

Details of 8 sectors and intervals of 52.5cm hole ruler

The meaning of the arcs of the 38.8cm hole ruler is similar to the above two types of hole ruler. Therefore, to bring luck, good fortune, advantages in business, peace of mind, etc. Pay attention to the dimensions within the red ranges of the hole scale.

5. Instructions on how to use a ruler most accurately

Each type of ruler is used to measure different parts of a construction. Before measuring, we need to clearly understand the meaning and use of each type of ruler to be able to choose the appropriate size.

The structure of a normal hole ruler has 3 main parts:

1st row: Indicates measurement size (unit cm).

2nd row: Provide according to the hole size of 38.8cm.

3rd row: Supply according to the original hole size 42.9cm.

Each type of ruler is used to measure different parts of a construction

How to use the hole ruler is simple: When measuring, if the size you choose falls within the red arc, it is a good size, suitable for feng shui. If it falls into the black arc, it is a size that should be avoided and you need to re-measure for construction.

In conclusion, the principles for measuring holes that you need to pay attention to are as follows:

- Use a ruler to measure the door: The size of the door opening is calculated from the inside edge of the door and should measure both height and width.

- Use a ruler to measure the height of the house: From the floor to the upper ceiling.

- Use a ruler to measure furniture: Measure the length, width, height or diameter of items.

6. Beautiful numbers when using hole rulers in house construction

To determine the size helps bring good things to the homeowner, avoiding bad things. So for a ruler, which number is the best number? You can refer to the following size:

The hole ruler gives beautiful numbers when measuring feng shui

7. Note when using a ruler

Clearly distinguish the hole rulers In fact: On the market today there is only an iron rolled ruler (retractable ruler) with a size of 42.9cm to measure the Yang Trach elements and 38.8cm to measure the Yin Trach elements. (Sound section). As for the 52.5cm ruler, you must use online ruler software or a feng shui master's ruler.

Notes when using hole ruler

Note the red and black spaces on the ruler: Remember the rule when using a ruler: "Discard black, use red". The measurements in the red arc will bring you good things and luck. On the contrary, black palaces will be unlucky and unlucky, sometimes even severely affecting business.

Don't pay too much attention to the desired signs that cause inconvenience in daily life: Although red palaces will bring you luck, furniture and home space are two important factors that directly affect the feeling of relaxation and living habits of every family member.

8. Ruler applications on phones

Lu Ban Ruler for iOS: An application that helps users measure dimensions right on the iOS operating system platform. This application is considered quite accurate and easy to use. With the ability to satisfy customers, this is a great application that you cannot ignore.

Ruler applications on phones

Ruler application: This is a very familiar application to users running the Android operating system. Lu Ban Ruler helps you look up the size of Feng Shui objects. The Lu Ban ruler was named after the person who first researched and established the ruler, named Lu Ban.

In addition, you can use the Online Ruler tool on websites such as wonder, wedo, lichngaytot...

9. Is it okay to build a house without using a ruler?

To put it simply, the Lu Ban ruler is like a type of feng shui ruler from ancient times. Many people use this type of ruler when building a house to measure the size and height of doors, windows, bedroom door ... Because they don't want to commit bad dimensions in the ruler.

From that, it can be deduced that using a ruler to measure a house mainly solves the psychological problem. Because in terms of mechanics and physics, the task of calculating the functions of a building so that the homeowner does not have difficulty using it is the architect's task.

Currently, there is still no scientific basis to prove that the hole ruler will bring the homeowner much fortune, luck or many other good things.

Therefore, in certain aspects, the hole ruler is only for reference and does not need to be completely followed. To have a beautiful house, the homeowner or architect only needs to pay attention to the ratio between the interior details in the house and the overall house so that it is harmonious, balanced, and meets the correct usage needs.

Above is basic information about the hole ruler, the meaning of the hole ruler and how to use the hole ruler in real situations. Hopefully the homeowner has the appropriate information to apply to their family's home.

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