According to feng shui: Should the bedroom door be arched?

According to traditional feng shui concepts, arched bedroom doors are not recommended for the following reasons:

1. The curved dome shape represents a tombstone:

  • In feng shui, tombstones are often associated with mourning, death, and heavy negative energy. Therefore, using arched bedroom doors is said to have negative effects on the homeowner's health, fortune and spirit.

2. Curved arched doors create a feeling of insecurity:

  • The curved arch shape does not create stability and solidity like a square or rectangular door. Therefore, curved arched doors can make the homeowner feel unsafe, worried, and insecure when sleeping in the room.
Wooden plastic composite door with curved arches

3. Curved arched doors affect energy circulation:

  • According to feng shui, the bedroom door plays an important role in regulating energy in the room. Curved arched doors are said to cause energy to stagnate and not circulate smoothly, leading to negative effects on the homeowner's health and spirit.

However, it should be noted that these are just traditional concepts and have no scientific basis to prove. Choosing which shape of bedroom door depends on the personal preferences and desires of the homeowner.

If you still want to use the arched bedroom door, you can refer to some of the following countermeasures:

  • Choose the appropriate door size and location: You should choose a door size that fits the door frame, not too big or too small. Door placement should avoid facing the bed or toilet.
  • Using curtains or partitions: Curtains or partitions can help cover the arch of the door, while creating a more private and secure feeling for the bedroom.
  • Decorate the door with motifs: Motifs such as lotus flowers, dragons and phoenixes, etc. are said to bring luck, fortune and peace to the homeowner.

In addition, you should also consult a feng shui expert to get the most suitable advice for your home.

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