Why are composite plastic wood doors "causing a fever"?

Plastic doors are made from composite wood-plastic material (referred to as composite plastic). Its full name is Wood Plastic Composite.

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The quality of the project will depend greatly on the use of materials, especially finishing materials. In fact, many high-end apartment buildings today, when put into use, have been reported by people about the degraded quality of construction material products such as interroom doors, floor tiles, wall paint, etc. kitchen cabinets... after a period of use the warranty has not expired.

This is really annoying for residents and is also a problem for investors to consider carefully when bringing materials into the project. Because when choosing a quality, suitable product, it will be a great saving solution for every business, family or individual.

Quality depends on each type, but finding a door that fully meets the project's criteria is not simple. While natural wood is scarce and expensive, industrial wood quality and longevity are not durable, aluminum glass or steel core doors are heavy and not highly aesthetic. The new line of composite wood-plastic doors was born with perfection in design and quality, giving customers more choices for room doors today.

Plastic doors are made from composite wood-plastic material (referred to as composite plastic). Its full name is Wood Plastic Composite. Composite plastic wood exists as a synthetic material. Ingredients include: Wood powder, plastic, other additives, so composite plastic wooden doors are termite resistant, absolutely water resistant, no cracking, no fire...

Wood plastic composite material has high applicability. It is an input material for manufacturing industries: Wardrobes, TV shelves, shelves, dressing tables, all kinds of doors (main doors, windows, bedroom doors, hotel doors, apartment doors... .).

Plastic wooden doors have diverse designs and many different sizes.

According to experts, the door industry, wood plastic composite has been researched and brought to the market with many different designs and sizes for customers to choose from. Diversity will help customers create interior items that suit their needs, and therefore, the aesthetics of the project will also become higher.

Besides, using composite wood-plastic materials is also a way for us to protect ourselves and the environment effectively. Because composite plastic wood is recycled from leftover materials from other industries to create products that are both quality and aesthetic, and especially safe for consumers.

Why are composite plastic wood doors "causing a fever"?

Although it has only recently appeared on the market, wood-plastic composite has attracted incredible attention and been positively received by consumers because of the advantages that this line of doors brings. It is absolutely 100% water resistant and does not warp or termite.

Composite material is absolutely water resistant composite plastic wood door It is also waterproof, and in humid environments it will not affect product quality like when you use other types of wood materials such as natural wood, MDF, melamine, laminate...

Besides, composite plastic wood doors are also light in weight, reducing the possibility of saggy doors after use. The product does not contain substances harmful to health and the environment. Door molds and panels are made of molded composite wood and plastic with collapsible grooves for easy installation and flexible adjustment according to the wall thickness (from 100 - 260mm). In addition, the door frame also has a gasket slot to help the door close tightly and smoothly, minimizing noise.

The door is extruded in one piece and has a thickness of 45mm, making the door sturdy, stable, opening and closing firmly and able to install all types of locks... With these characteristics, composite wood is especially suitable for doors. open rooms, toilet doors of villas, townhouses, luxury apartments, offices...

However, to choose suitable quality products, customers need to know how to "choose gold", find the right quality products by reputable brands. Therefore, consumers need to research carefully to better understand the quality of composite wood-plastic door products currently circulating on the market.

Modern interior materials have a great influence on the aesthetics and quality of a building. Therefore, investors and individual customers when constructing projects must be alert and carefully research the market and choose appropriate interior materials that both ensure quality and are highly aesthetic.

Where to buy the best wood-plastic composite doors?

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You should choose the 45mm thick imported door model, which is more solid, better soundproofed, and more luxurious.

Genuine composite wood plastic doors always have a protective label printed with the manufacturer's logo.

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