Outdoor wooden floors and applications in exterior design

In exterior design and arrangement, materials such as ceramic tiles, paving stones, etc., are familiar. However, they are extremely limited in embellishment and innovation as well as novelty. With outdoor wooden floors, the gap of creativity has blurred. It makes the outdoor exterior space feel softer, cooler and more unique thanks to the use of wooden flooring. What remains is the arrangement of this material in the designs.

Currently, the construction and installation of outdoor wooden floors is used a lot in hotels, villas, and resorts that are as beautiful as a fairyland. From materials to colors, wooden floors meet the strict requirements of projects requiring high aesthetics.

As soon as you set foot in garden spaces using outdoor wooden flooring, you will have a completely new and unimaginable feeling. No more rough feeling of brick, stone, concrete. Softness, airiness and closeness exist here. The gentle color of the wooden floor mixed with the surrounding plants and flowers will bring you a feeling of relaxation in your soul. With creative decoration, you can completely create an impressive living space.

Application of outdoor wooden flooring in garden corridor design

How a garden corridor is designed is also an art. The entrance to the house is the space connecting the inside of the house with the garden. It is also one of the important factors that create the overall beauty of the house. Therefore, it is necessary to skillfully choose design materials here.

With many outstanding advantages such as good resistance to harsh weather, no termites, no warping, no fading. Using wooden floors for garden paths is the perfect idea. It not only brings a beautiful space but is also very friendly to people and surrounding nature.

Using outdoor wooden floors at swimming pools creates a modern and luxurious space

The swimming pool area is the place most affected by external factors, especially water. The requirement when designing the floor here is to ensure it is non-slip and waterproof. In addition, swimming pools at villas and resorts also require high aesthetics, especially luxury and modernity. Wooden flooring is a material that fully meets these requirements.

With current production technology, outdoor wooden floors are durable and beautiful materials, not affected by the weather. Very flexible usability allows us to unleash our creativity. In particular, the wood grain color brings a feeling of coolness, closeness and friendliness. Furthermore, wooden floors do not discolor when exposed to water.

Apply wooden flooring when designing garden fences

Wood floors are produced in many different formats. From wooden bars to boxes or panels. Therefore, you can freely design your living space. It is not only used for flooring but also as a material for garden decoration.

You will be extremely interested in the fences around the garden made of industrial wooden bars. Different from fences made of concrete, iron or steel wire, fences designed from wooden floors create a rare uniqueness from color to space. This is a modern design style that is being applied more and more in exterior spaces.

The advantage of wooden fences is that they eliminate rigidity and bring simplicity and elegance. In particular, it creates an open space close to nature and safe for people.

Apply wooden flooring in garden landscape design

The advantage of wooden flooring products is that they can be applied flexibly in many cases. You will probably be surprised to know that this material is also used by designers to create decorative ideas to combine harmoniously with garden wooden floors and walkway wooden floors.

With small garden landscapes, wooden floors are used to design flower pots, trellises, seats, etc. All create an impressive, romantic and attractive space.

Apply wooden floors in terrace balcony design

Normally, many families do not attach importance to the design of their home's terrace. However, arranging and adjusting the yard is also a way to make the living space more modern and new and create a fresh feeling every time you set foot there. Applying plastic outdoor wooden floors, outdoor wooden flower trellises, to design terrace roofs combined with orchid baskets also creates newness as well as a highlight for your home.

In addition, wooden floors are also applied in many designs such as making wooden stairs... also creating a poetic and equally luxurious scene for the homeowner.

Currently, outdoor wooden floors are the top choice of investors. In addition to decorative purposes, wooden floors are also used according to feng shui principles. It also contributes to creating a luxurious and classy space. The price of outdoor wooden flooring is not much more expensive than other materials. Meanwhile, the advantages are outstanding. That's why installing wooden floors is a smart choice for many homeowners.

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