Complete house building process

Full house construction consulting will help you from A to Z when completing the process from applying for legal documents to completing construction. So what do the complete house building procedures include? What is the step-by-step process?

What is complete construction design?

Full house construction design is a form of construction where investors agree to sign a contract and hand over all construction items to the entire implementation process. Specifically, the construction unit will plan, implement the project, survey, design and construct housing construction and design and construct housing interiors.

Get a building permit

Applying for a construction permit is a type of legal document that is considered the first step to prepare when starting to build a house. To prepare properly and completely, you need to have the following information:

The land required for construction permission must be residential land and must belong to the owner.

Construction planning certificates of the land.

Find out the construction density of the land.

Construction boundary regulations according to Decision 36/2015/QD.

Current status drawing to determine the coordinates of the land for old books before 2013.

Design drawing for construction permit in accordance with the provisions of Decree 64/2012.

In addition, the application file for a construction permit according to new regulations for individual houses includes:

Application for a business license according to the district's available form.

Notarized copy of documents on land use rights according to the provisions of land law, copy of ID card of the householder.

The preliminary design is stamped by the design company and signed by

Architectural and structural design

Possessing a team of highly skilled architects with high professional qualifications who are well-trained at prestigious universities, so the project products delivered to customers are highly appreciated thanks to It has a very rich and diverse architectural style, especially always meeting the needs of the homeowners.

Construction of rough and finished parts

Make a financial plan

According to the customer's request and information, we will begin to create detailed and thorough plans that suit the homeowner's financial level. Currently, construction prices on the market have diverse prices ranging from 4,500,000 VND - 10,000,000 VND for housing construction. To choose a reasonable price, homeowners should take a look at the general estimate table in advance because it will list what types of materials are included to help customers have more reference and convenience. your decision making.

Rough construction

The team of workers who build complete houses must be highly skilled, have many years of experience in the profession, and work very enthusiastically and responsibly. In addition, to maximize quality control, we also have a team of competent and professional project supervisors, which will help the construction progress to always be completed on time and with high quality. Project quality is always guaranteed to be the best.

Completed construction

Regarding finishing construction, the construction units will be responsible for purchasing finishing materials according to the homeowner's requirements and preferences, but still ensuring suitability for the housing space through the advice of architects.

Completed the books

Completion of construction is considered the final stage in the full house building service. Homeowners will receive complete advice from the design and construction unit on legal paperwork procedures.

Completion documents usually include:

Construction permit

The construction contract is signed by both parties: the homeowner and the contractor in charge of survey, design, construction, and construction supervision.

Report on construction survey results.

Construction drawing design documents.

Report on verification results and documents on appraisal results of construction design drawings.

Report results of experiments and inspections.

Document of agreement, acceptance and confirmation of competent organizations and State agencies on fire prevention and fighting safety and elevator operation safety.

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