The location of the door should be taboo to ensure feng shui

According to feng shui concept, the door is the place to welcome good things and prevent bad air from entering the house. In design, there are some locations where the homeowner's door should be placed that should be avoided to ensure feng shui as follows.

Why is it necessary to design a house door according to feng shui?

Feng shui is one of the essential factors when building a house. In fact, many houses choose inappropriate door directions, furniture arrangements, landscape arrangements, etc., leading to disastrous consequences for both living function and violating feng shui.

Below are the reasons homeowners should pay attention to feng shui door house when designing and building a house:

Aesthetic perfection: Once the house door is designed according to feng shui, the house will not need to use other items to handle feng shui errors. This helps the homeowner to decorate the door as desired and makes the house more perfect in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Brings luck to the homeowner: Designing the door size according to feng shui standards is quite important, it directly affects the fortune of family members. Normally, homeowners have the habit of choosing beautiful measurements for door locations, this part will be detailed at the end of the article.

Create a feeling of safety when staying: A house that follows feng shui will help the homeowner feel more secure and comfortable to stay.

You need to pay close attention to the location of the door before planning to build

The location of the door is correct according to feng shui and should be avoided

Feng shui is not a superstition but is considered a scientific category. Some research in feng shui also helps supplement the functions of the house. According to feng shui, the way the door is arranged and the direction the door is chosen not only affects the functional life, but also affects the luck and prosperity of the homeowner.

When placing the door position, homeowners need to pay attention to the following issues:

1 Front door, main entrance

The front door and main door should be placed in a well-ventilated location with sunlight. The door shape, paint color, and carpet in front of the door should bring a feeling of closeness and friendliness. If from the door leading to the right of the living area you have to go through a dimly lit hallway, the homeowner needs to arrange lights for illumination. This not only ensures convenience when living, but also ensures the feng shui element of the house's entrance.

The entrance to the main door area should be opened into the widest part of the room (hall).

The position of the door also needs to avoid facing the opposite direction. This can affect the family's luck and cause physical and mental problems. The main door should avoid being exposed to the road, light poles, or thunderstorms of the house opposite. When encountering this situation, it can be resolved by hanging a bagua mirror in front of the house.

In addition to the door location, the door size also needs to be commensurate with the house. If the house is large and the door is narrow, there will not be enough vitality coming in. When vitality is limited, money and luck are also difficult to come to family members.

The main door area should be placed in a well-ventilated location with good lighting, and the door size should be suitable for the size of the house.

2 Bedroom doors

The position of this door needs to be careful not to cross the bed. According to feng shui experts, this will affect the homeowner's sleep. Bedroom door Avoid facing the toilet or kitchen. The two bedroom doors in the house should not face each other to avoid conflicts between people in the house.

If the house has a balcony door, the door should be designed at the end of the bed. The toilet door should not be facing the bed as it will affect the health of the people in the house. The bedroom is a place to rest, so it needs to be arranged appropriately to maintain a comfortable spirit.

The bedroom door should be kept from hitting the bed

3 Doors connecting rooms

In feng shui, room doors are essential because they help make the house more airy. When setting the location of the connecting door, be careful not to arrange the distance between the two doors too short. The reason is because the shorter the distance between these two doors, the more difficult the situation becomes. The main door should not be directly opposite the back door because it makes the house's positive energy enter and exit quickly.

Another thing to note, the main door being askew can cause health problems. This is called a "stealth bite", the sharp corner of the door frame like a knife is also not good. The doors are located on parallel lines, staggered from each other, creating air deflection. The door size needed depends on the location of the door. Choose large opening doors for large rooms (living room, bedroom), small opening doors for bathrooms, kitchens...

Doors to connecting rooms also need careful attention when designing

4 Windows

According to feng shui, a room should have many windows, a main door should have a maximum of 3 windows. Windows should not be too large, usually only 2 walls should have windows. The window should not face directly the main door because the air entering the house will quickly escape. It is better to design windows with shapes that match the five elements to create harmony in the working space.

Each room needs a window to increase visibility and create ventilation

5 Toilet door

According to the location of the house door, the bathroom door has the strongest weapon. Therefore, when building, avoid installing the toilet door opposite the main door. In feng shui, the toilet door must always be closed, and the kitchen should not be facing the toilet. The bathroom door should also not face the bedroom, as it can make people in the room vulnerable to illness. The location of the toilet should be at the end of the wind direction, so it should be discreet but easy to find.

The location of the bathroom door should not be facing the bedroom, kitchen...

Feng shui dimensions for each type of door in the house

A beautiful door position not only has design significance but also feng shui significance. This is just one of the important factors, the size of each type of door is also worth considering. To help you have more useful reference sources, some information is below:

The bedroom door is beautiful according to feng shui standards, 100% water resistant, termite free.

Main door on the ground floor or upstairs: Height: 2.30 - 2.52 - 2.72 - 2.92 (meters). Width: 1.46 – 1.62 – 1.90 – 2.32 – 2.46 – 2.92 – 3.12 – 3.32 – 3.72 – 4.12 – 4.56 – 4.80 ( meters).

1-wing door, 2-wing door, back door or side door: Height: 2.10 - 2.30 - 2.52 - 2.72 (meters). Width: 0.81 – 1.07 – 1.25 – 1.46 – 1.90 – 2.12 (meters).

Door to room: Height: 1.90 - 2.10 - 2.12 (meters). Width: 0.80 – 1.06 – 1.22 (meters).

Homeowner's bedroom door: Height: 1.90 - 2.10 - 2.30 (meters). Width: 0.82 – 1.04 – 1.24 (meters).

Bedroom door of school-age child: Height: 1.90 - 2.10 - 2.30 (meters). Width: 0.82 – 1.06 – 1.26 (meters).

Bathroom and toilet doors: Height: 1.90 - 2.10 - 2.30 (meters). Width: 0.68 – 0.82 – 1.02 (meter).

Living room door: Height: 1.90 - 2.10 - 2.30 (meters). Width: 0.85 – 1.05 – 1.2 (meter).

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