Notes for choosing beautiful, modern bedroom doors

In fact, there are many people who don't know how to choose one bedroom door suitable, suitable for feng shui and compatible with your family's financial conditions. Below are some experiences you can refer to.

Choose suitable bedroom door materials and colors

Currently, the types of materials used to produce doors are very diverse. The material used to make the bedroom door should be carefully chosen depending on each person's needs and preferences. But in general, bedroom doors should prioritize good soundproofing materials to ensure sleep quality for the homeowner. Furthermore, wooden or plastic bedroom doors are very popular because they can be compatible with many different weather conditions.

Bedroom doors should choose color and style based on the design style and architecture of the bedroom. Besides, the door should also have a color that matches the wall color to create harmony for the home space. You can choose the door color according to the color tone of the interior or according to feng shui to make the room beautiful and bring good luck.

For example: If the bedroom is designed in a neoclassical style, the door should also have neoclassical colors and patterns. The door color can be white, cream, have symmetrical designs of moldings, motifs on the door,...

The color of the bedroom door should be compatible with the color of the room to create harmony.

Bedroom door size

Depending on the bedroom design, door sizes also vary. The bedroom door should not be designed too wide because it not only increases costs but also disperses the good airflow of the room. You should also not choose a door that is too small because it can easily cause a feeling of stuffiness and imbalance with the entire space. Bedroom doors are best when the size and area of ​​the room are in appropriate proportion. In addition, when choosing the right door size according to feng shui, you will feel more comfortable and secure.

The bedroom door should have a size appropriate to the area of ​​the room and the overall house.

Bedroom door direction

One of the taboos that you need to remember when installing a bedroom door is not to arrange the door facing a worshiping Buddha statue. According to feng shui concept, this arrangement will bring bad luck to the people in the room. In addition, you should pay attention to the following locations:

  • Do not design the door opposite the toilet: Bad energy from the toilet can affect the health, fortune, and reputation of the homeowner.

  • Do not design the door opposite the kitchen: The smell of food and grease can accumulate in the bedroom over time, affecting the homeowner's health. Furthermore, for door materials that are easily corroded and difficult to clean, grease from food can stick to the door frame, reducing the quality and aesthetics of the door.

  • Do not design a mirror facing the bedroom door: According to folk beliefs, designing a mirror facing the bedroom can make the homeowner easily startled, not sleeping well,...

  • You should not design two bedroom doors facing each other because it can accidentally create air suction between the two doors. Can cause stagnation of bad energies, making the homeowner easily tired.

Imitation wooden bedroom door model with dark brown color scheme - a color that brings warmth, is easy to clean, and attracts little dust.


Choosing a bedroom door model that suits your preferences as well as your living space is not an easy thing to do.

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