Choose the most standard composite wood-plastic door today

What is the standard composite plastic wood door? Structure of composite wood-plastic doors? How to choose the most standard, durable and beautiful composite wood plastic door in 2023.

1. Structure of composite wood-plastic doors:

Composite plastic wooden doors, also known as "plastic wooden doors", are a line of beautifully designed modern doors, chosen by many customers because of their diverse designs and reasonable prices.

The door has an exterior like a natural wooden door, but the inside components are wood powder and plastic, so it has outstanding advantages such as being resistant to termites, anti-warping, no shrinkage, no cracking, no fire, and anti-corrosion. Extremely corrosive and moldy.

Naviwood composite wood-plastic door structure

The standard thickness of composite wood-plastic doors depends on the supplier. Normally, composite plastic wood doors have a thickness of 35mm to 45mm. The thicker the door, the stronger it is, the more soundproof it is, and the more durable it is.

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High-quality composite wood-plastic door blanks have a smooth and shiny surface.

Naviwood composite wooden doors have good bearing capacity.

2. Thickness of some types of doors in Vietnam:



Natural wooden door


Xingfa aluminum door (55mm system)


Industrial wooden doors


ABS door


Composite wooden doors



The thicker the door, the stronger it is, the better the soundproofing, and the more durable it is.

Naviwood composite wooden door structure

Naviwood composite wooden door structure

3. Outstanding advantages of composite wood-plastic doors:

Composite plastic wood doors are suitable for all projects such as hotel doors, apartment doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, office doors...

Standard export product door is 45mm thick, thicker than other types of doors: Luxurious and classy

* Waterproof : 100% water resistant

* No toxic Formaldehyde like other conventional doors

* No termites

* No cracking , no warping, no periodic painting like natural wooden doors

* Does not spread fire : The door does not catch fire and does not burn like regular wooden doors or other types of doors.

* Solid door frame with smart design for different wall thickness.

* Good soundproofing with high-quality rubber gasket system.

* Good insulation (low thermal conductivity cavity design) does not lose heat in air-conditioned rooms, helping to save energy.

* Environmentally friendly (no natural wood used) and user-friendly

* Easy and quick installation

* Reasonable price

* Beautiful design, highly durable for over 20 years and safe to use.

Plastic wooden doors are the newest product and a future trend to replace natural wood, contributing to environmental protection.

4. Criteria for choosing quality and suitable bedroom doors:

Choose the appropriate type and material of bedroom door

Choose features for the bedroom door

Suitable bedroom door size

Smart Naviwood door design easily fits feng shui dimensions:

We are ready to provide free autocad file drawings of composite wooden plastic doors to design and construct doors to suit feng shui and architecture.

Feng shui taboo: you should not choose a bedroom door with an arc shape (arched door) because in feng shui, an arc-shaped door resembles a tombstone. This does not bring luck and fortune to the living, so you should not design the door in this shape. (Feng shui expert).

5. Reputable address to buy bedroom doors

Naviwood's leading plastic and wood composite door factory in Vietnam.

To buy genuine composite wood and plastic doors of the best quality. Please contact Naviwood composite wooden door dealer directly or contact Zalo: 0399 656 939 for help, advice, catalogs and door drawings completely free of charge.

You should choose the 45mm thick imported door model, which is more solid, better soundproofed, and more luxurious.

Top most popular bedroom door models today:

#Composite wooden door with neoclassical molding:

Genuine composite wood plastic doors always have a protective label printed with the manufacturer's logo.

Composite plastic wood door model creates luxurious wings:

Simple fluorescent door model

Luxurious fluorescent door model

Door models with patterns:

Automatic shaping using CNC machines

The door model has patterns that attract all eyes

The door is decorated luxuriously and elegantly

The negative thread mirror model has high aesthetics.

Doors with glass panes:

The door has large glass panes

The door has a beautiful small glass pane.

Hundreds of other beautiful and luxurious composite wood and plastic door models. Please leave a comment or contact directly to receive catalogs and free small door samples.

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