Instructions for choosing bedroom door size according to feng shui

With many types of sizes bedroom door available on the market, homeowners need to consider choosing the right type of door to facilitate movement among family members as well as bring good feng shui. Below are the most popular bedroom door sizes today.

The most common bedroom door sizes suitable for feng shui:

* The most common type of door has a standard height for people of average height to pass through: 810mm (horizontal) x 2150mm (height).

* The standard height door for tall people to pass through is 870mm (horizontal) and 2150mm (height).

* Large bedroom doors will have dimensions of 870mm (horizontal) and 2350mm (height); As for bedroom doors with additional wind panels, the height will be 2600mm or more.

Choose the size of the bedroom door according to the board's ruler

Kích thước cửa phòng ngủ theo thước lỗ ban.

Bedroom door size according to the board's ruler.

Dimensions 810mm x 2140mm are suitable for both types of rulers (Lo Ban ruler 52.2cm and Lu Ban ruler 42.9cm). For each ruler, the hole will fall into a different arc and have a larger range when compared to other types of rulers.

In case the door is required to be smaller than 810mm (toilet doors are usually made smaller than bedroom doors and can be used according to the Lu Ban ruler of 38.8cm), then the clear size or ventilation size can be used. is 69mm (not including mold).

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Although the door size 690mm is not beautiful when viewed on the Lu Ban ruler 52.2cm, it falls into a beautiful arc on the Lu Ban ruler 42.9cm and the Lu Ban ruler 38.8cm (iron ruler sold on the market).

Choosing composite wood and plastic doors suitable for feng shui for bedroom doors:

Composite plastic wood doors are popular and widely used in the world and in Vietnam. To choose a bedroom door suitable for feng shui, you first need to determine the thickness of the door frame to build it correctly. Avoid designing doors that require costly repairs after construction.
The thickness of the Naviwood composite wood-plastic door frame is 42mm. If calculated according to feng shui parameters, the width must add 84mm and the height must add 42mm to the size of the door set. From there, add the allowable clearance for door installation (usually ranging from 0.5-10mm).

So size How many bedroom doors are standard according to feng shui?

- Clearance size (air ventilation size) of this type of door is 810mm (horizontal) x 2150mm (height) with the following displacement:

Width 810mm (allowable movement range is 805mm to 818mm)

Height 2150mm (allowable movement range is 2145mm to 2160mm)

- If including the door frame with a 42mm thick frame, the cover size (including clearance size and door frame) is specifically

* Width: 810mm + 42mm left + 42mm right = 894mm (Usually choose 895mm)

* Height: 2150mm + 42mm above = 2192mm (usually choose 2195mm).

Standard door design according to feng shui brings fortune, health and peace to the homeowner.

What size window should I build to install the door in accordance with feng shui?

When building a waiting box to install a door according to feng shui, you must take into account the allowable clearance for installing the door. Usually the allowable clearance for door installation is 5-10mm.

* Feng shui door width is 810mm, door cover size is 895mm, then build a waiting box of 900mm

* The door is 2150mm high, the door cover is 2195mm and the waiting box is 2200mm.

Door size table according to feng shui standards.

Feng shui taboo: you should not choose a bedroom door with an arc shape (arched door) because in feng shui, an arc-shaped door resembles a tombstone. This does not bring luck and fortune to the living, so you should not design the door in this shape. (Feng shui expert).

Above is a guide to choosing the right bedroom door size according to feng shui. To ensure the construction and design of doors according to feng shui, we are ready to provide autocad drawings to be able to build and install doors that best suit feng shui.

Our company is a pioneer in producing composite wooden plastic doors in Vietnam. Naviwood composite wooden doors have a leaf thickness of 45mm, are water-resistant, termite-free, non-toxic, and have good sound insulation. To buy good price composite plastic wooden doors for bedroom doors that meet feng shui standards, please contact directly via zalo:  0399656939 Or if you have any other requests, please leave a comment below.

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