What is Plastic Wood? Advantages and applications of Plastic wood

What is wood plastic composite?

Plastic wood is a new product used to replace natural wood with many outstanding advantages. This product is applied to both exterior and interior. So what is plastic wood? What types are there?

Plastic wood, also known as Composite wood (English name: WPC - Wood Plastic Composite), is a new product synthesized from wood pulp, plastic and some cellulose- based or inorganic filler additives. Therefore, wood plastic is also known as natural fiber plastic composite material.

Plastic wood is environmentally friendly because the wood pulp has been tested from planting to processing. Commonly used plastic pellets are: PVC, HDPE, ABS, PP,...

Plastic wood first appeared in Germany, then was imported and widely developed in European countries: France, England, Sweden and even the United States. In Asia, the technology to produce this material is most strongly developed in Korea and Japan.

Plastic wood has a surface covered with 2 layers of PVC film. PVC film is absolutely waterproof, does not shrink or warp, and limits scratches.

After the PVC film layer is composite wood plastic. To create sturdy wood-plastic panels, manufacturers must use wood glue mixed with composite plastic, then molded into panels. Composite wood products can be combined with all surface materials such as acrylic, laminate, PU paint, PVC film.

Currently, composite materials are still relatively new. However, due to the scarcity of natural wood sources and high prices, many customers choose and use wood plastic as a material for their homes.

Advantages of plastic wood


  • Wood plastic has the absolute advantage of being able to form any shape as required.
  • No warping, cracking, effective water resistance. Therefore, this material is widely used in outdoor projects, including swimming pools,...
  • No termites or mold during use, showing durability over time
  • Fire resistance as well as high heat insulation help people feel secure when using this product.
  • All products have high aesthetics and are easy to print and engrave on the surface. With a variety of colors, customers can freely choose appropriate patterns and colors.
  • Extremely good ability to withstand force and impact. Therefore, composite wood can travel long distances without affecting quality.
  • Materials from wood plastic are safe, ensuring environmental hygiene and health for everyone.

Comparison table of plastic wood, natural wood and plastic

Comparison table of plastic wood, natural wood and plastic


  • Because the components are wood mixed with plastic, there are no screws, so disassembly and reassembly should be limited.
  • The furniture will be weak because the wood is relatively light.
  • The price is quite high, this material should only be used 100% when the kitchen space is really damp, full of termites, and cannot use other wood materials.

composite wood plastic flooring

Composite wood has many outstanding advantages

Common types of Composite wood today

Currently, there are two main types of plastic wood on the market: PE-based plastic wood (outdoor composite plastic wood) and PVC plastic wood. Specifically:

PVC-based plastic wood for furniture

PVC wood plastic wood is made up of two main components: wood pulp and PVC plastic. In addition, additives are also used to increase the adhesiveness of the product. This product is suitable for use as furniture. Not suitable for outdoor use because it can easily warp, crack, or wear out due to the effects of weather.

Wood grain PVC board

Wood grain PVC board

PVC plastic wood has many surface coating materials, typically:

  • Painted PVC: PVC core is painted PU directly with many different colors such as white, yellow, red, blue,...
  • PVC coated with Laminate: Rich and diverse colors with many plain color codes such as black, white, to wood grain color.
  • PVC coated with Acrylic: Coating with shiny, modern surface, rich in colors suitable for luxurious spaces.
  • PVC coated with Veneer: The color and grain of the wood are the same as natural wood.
  • PVC Film Face Chipboard: There are about 100 color patterns, the advantage is good scratch resistance, bright and uniform color.

Composite plastic wood for outdoor use

Wood plastic composite e Made from PE/HDPR plastic granules combined with wood pulp and additives. It can be said that Composite wood is an outdoor material that can replace stone, brick, and wood. At the same time, the disadvantages of these materials are also overcome to meet the needs of outdoor projects.

Composite wood avoids moss and algae, resists cracking, warping, discoloration, and is suitable for all types of weather. In addition, this material can be reused, has low maintenance costs, is anti-slip, anti-termite, waterproof, highly durable... Used for projects such as swimming pools, exterior wall cladding. , sun visors,…

wood plastic composite

Wood plastic composite is often used outdoors

Outdoor composite plastic panels have 5 main products:

  • Flooring: for gardens, balconies, swimming pools, outdoor cafes, tourist ports, park paths,...
  • Support columns: railings, decorative columns, fences.
  • Blue bars: Decorate apartment balconies, outdoor huts, sunshades, flower trellises,...
  • Plastic wood blisters: Decorate balcony floors, outdoor floors,...
  • Wall cladding: Replaces stone, brick, concrete, etc. Used outside villa or resort.

Application of wood plastic composite

Currently, Composite materials are widely used for both residential interiors and outdoor projects. Can include some spaces such as: swimming pool floor, faux wood wall panels, Plastic wooden doors... This type of industrial wood is chosen to replace brick, stone, wood,... thanks to its superior features.

Application of wood plastic composite outdoors

With the ability to resist termites and be waterproof, you can use this material for flooring. In addition, you can also use it for balconies, terraces, porches, railings, fences, sunshades, etc. Bringing luxurious and modern beauty to your outdoor space.

The front of the house is covered with composite wood and plastic

The house's facade is covered with composite plastic

Wood plastic composite fence

Composite wooden fence

Plastic wood sunshades

Sunshades made of composite wooden bars

Outdoor plastic wood railing

Outdoor plastic wood railing

Plastic wood decorates apartment balconies

Compostie wood panels decorate apartment balconies

Plastic wood outdoor hut

Plastic wood outdoor hut

Application of plastic wood in furniture

This new material is increasingly used for home interior decoration. Commonly encountered applications are ceilings, wall panels, wooden louvers, plastic wooden doors...

Luxurious and modern composite wood imitation cabinets are suitable for many room spaces.

Using plastic wood to make doors with many designs and styles

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