Doors and door classification in Vietnam

A door is a movable structure used to open or close an entrance to a house, which can be accessed wind and light. Closing the door creates relative separation from the outside space, protects against rain and sun, and reduces damage noise, has the effect of protecting safety, preventing theft, ensuring privacy...

Also doors are important in preventing the spread of fire. The door is one of the parts attached to the house, it is also one of the highlights and highlights Beauty for the House.

Plastic wooden door

Doors can be arranged from all sides of the house or building but are usually on the front (main door, main door, front door) and are also arranged to separate rooms in a building (room door). bedroom, toilet door). The doors are often installed with accessories such as: latch, lock, door closer, pull handle...

Main uses of the door:

  • Separates inside and outside spaces, ensuring privacy for people living in the building
  • Resists rain and sun, reduces noise
  • Security protection, anti-theft
  • Together with other parts of the house, creating aesthetics for the house...
  • Prevent fire spread when there is a fire

xingfa aluminum doors

Door classification

Doors come in many different types, depending on the nature of use and installation.

Classified according to door making and installation techniques:
  • Closed door : A common type of door with a structure of doors (one or two wings) attached to one or two shafts or attached to Wall
  • Trapdoor is a door that is oriented horizontally in one floor or ceiling, when closed or opened, there is vertical movement of the house
  • Sliding door is a type of door that opens and closes horizontally across the house, usually the door is on a slider that allows it to move back and forth. Sliding door is a type of sliding door.
  • Revolving door : A type of door with hinges mounted around an axis, when a person enters, they need to push the door
  • Automatic doors : These are internal doors elevator or modern, state-of-the-art buildings, the doors are equipped with sensors and controls that allow receiving pedestrian information to open or close.
  • Rolling door : A type of door that can be rolled up and down, preferred by many families for its aesthetics and security

rolling door

Classified by location of use:

  • Main door, front door: The door is located on the front, main side of the building. This is the most important door position, helping to separate the outside space from the building, and is also the position that needs to increase the most protective and aesthetic features.
  • Bedroom door/inter-room door: A type of door that separates the space of rooms in a building
  • Toilet door: Door type reserved for restrooms in construction projects
  • Balcony doors : Located at balcony locations, requiring safety factors
  • Window : A type of secondary door, arranged to let in light and wind, creating air circulation and light for the building.

Classified by door material:

Currently, in Vietnam as well as other countries, door types can be divided according to the main door materials:

  • Natural wooden doors: In Vietnam, there are many types of wood used to make doors such as oak wood, ironwood, peach wood... Currently, making doors with natural wood is on the decline due to the decline in natural forest wood because forest fire, deforestation...
  • Steel doors, iron doors : Doors are made of the main material steel electroplating and honeycomb paper. Steel doors are classified into two types: Wood grain steel door (Steel doors are electrostatically painted in wood grain colors, mainly used for residential projects) and fireproof steel door (mainly used for factories, schools, commercial centers, national defense and specific projects such as karaoke bars...)
  • Composite wooden plastic doors : Made of new materials wooden plastic. Due to the nature of the material, this type of door has very good water resistance, suitable for hot, humid, rainy, and humid climates like in Vietnam.
  • Aluminum glass doors: Door made of aluminum and glass material. This type of door has the ability to let in very good light.
  • Steel core plastic doors use uPVC plastic profiles with a steel core inside to increase strength.
  • Industrial wooden door: is a type of door made from industrial wood panels.
  • ABS door: door made from wood grain plastic panels combined with natural wood or industrial wood with a core of honeycomb paper or foam.
  • In addition, in some rural and mountainous areas in Vietnam there are still some places that make doors using rudimentary natural materials such as bamboo, leaves...
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