What is a wood grain steel door? What is special about the structure of wood grain steel doors?

In recent years, wood-grain steel doors are gradually becoming popular as they are prioritized for installation in every space in the house such as main doors, bedroom doors or windows. In the future, this type of door will gradually become a trend to protect the safety of your whole family.

What is a wood grain steel door?

Wood grain steel doors are doors made of anti-rust galvanized steel. The top of the door is covered with electrostatic paint and wood grain patterns to increase aesthetics, creating luxury and modernity no different from real wooden doors. Nowadays, wood grain steel doors are widely used, from living room doors, bedroom door ,... to common living room in apartments, offices or private homes. This is also a measure to ensure the safety of your family.

What is special about the structure of wood grain steel doors?

Wood grain steel door structure

To achieve high fire resistance, good soundproofing and thermal insulation while still ensuring aesthetics, wood-grain steel doors must have a very complex structure:

• Door frame: Usually attached to the door, made from electroplated steel with a thickness ranging from 1.2 - 1.6mm to create strength for the door.

 Door : About 50mm thick, 0.8mm thick steel with 3-layer structure. The 2 outer layers are whole electroplated steel. Inside is honeycomb paper material that increases the sound and heat insulation ability of the door.

 Door surface : Covered with electrostatic paint, then transferred to the wood grain printing process. With high-temperature printing technology, this grain layer will adhere more firmly, while also limiting peeling and scratches on the door during use.

 Included accessories : Including rubber gaskets, door latches, hinges, door locks, hydraulic door closers, smoke thresholds,...

Wood grain steel door with luxurious design

Advantages of wood grain steel doors

• Good fire resistance: Made mainly of steel plates, wood-grain steel doors can prevent the spread of fire, increasing the safety of the house.

• High durability : Unlike other common plastic doors and wooden doors that require regular maintenance, wood-grain steel doors are durable and rarely fail. Therefore, you can rest assured about product quality throughout a long period of use.

• High aesthetics: Steel doors are electrostatically painted and created with natural wood grain using the heat transfer technique. Before that, the door surface must undergo a phosphate treatment stage, removing grease and impurities, ensuring smoothness. Thanks to that, wood grain steel doors are very similar to real wooden doors, creating luxury and modernity for the space.

• Cost savings: With the durability of wood grain steel doors over time, you only need to invest once to be able to use it for a long time.

Besides, wood grain steel doors are also popular because of many outstanding features such as light weight; Good sound and heat insulation; Waterproof, limits rust; Prevent dust and smoke thanks to the flexible rubber gasket system,...

How much does a wood grain steel door cost?

Currently on the market there are many types of wood grain steel doors. The price of wood grain steel doors depends on the thickness of each type of door, door size, and number of doors. The price of wood grain steel doors also depends on the design, features of each type of door and sometimes depends on the type of paint used to produce wood grain doors. The current price of wood-grain steel doors depends on the type of 1-panel door, 2-panel door or 4-panel door... ranging from 1,800,000 VND/m2 or more.

Where to buy wood grain steel doors?

To buy wood-grain steel doors at the right price to ensure quality, you need to learn clearly about the reputable manufacturer or distributor, the door material, the thickness of the steel and the accompanying equipment on the door. In addition, you should check the actual function and application to choose the appropriate door type.

Introducing Koffmann high-quality wood grain steel doors:

Koffmann 1-panel wood grain steel door:

This is a common type of door widely used today in townhouses, villas, offices, and schools.

Koffmann 2-panel wood grain steel door:

2-panel wood-grain steel doors have door models such as 2 equal wings; Wood grain steel door with 2 offset wings (big wing, small wing); 2-panel wood-grain steel door with square or arched Fix panel....

Koffmann luxury 4-panel wood grain steel door

Four-panel wood-grain steel doors are often used as the main door in every family. Maximum door opening capacity. Luxurious and modern door design

See more Koffmann wood grain steel door models here

Above is useful information to learn about wood grain steel doors. Hope you can choose a good door for your family.

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