What are fireproof steel doors?

With good fire resistance, heat resistance, and effective prevention of smoke and dust spread, fireproof steel doors have gradually become the preferred choice for most projects. Thanks to that, the safety of people and property is also more guaranteed.

What is a fire door?

Fireproof doors are specially designed doors with good fire resistance and heat resistance to help prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other areas. They are increasingly widely used in homes as well as required for use in buildings and buildings, installed in locations such as apartment doors, emergency exits, and places where danger occurs. High-profile fire and explosion incidents. Currently, on the market there are popular fireproof door products such as: fireproof steel doors, wood grain fireproof doors, and fireproof glass doors. These products are often used in projects such as apartments, shopping centers, hospitals, schools...

Fireproof steel door structure

Fireproof steel doors are generally composed of: door, door frame and accompanying accessories (hinges, handles, rubber gaskets, door locks, stainless steel Doorsill...). The structure of fireproof doors is simple but very special, helping to create unexpected uses and utilities for users.

  • The wing is constructed with 3 layers: 2 outer layers of electroplated or galvanized steel, with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.2mm, powder coated or wood grain painted.
  • Fireproof core system: Made of Magnesium Oxide (ERON), mineral wool, glass fabric, this layer is effectively fireproof and heat insulating. In addition, this layer has soundproofing ability.
  • Rubber gasket system: This is the layer that keeps the door tight and helps prevent smoke from flying to other places when a fire occurs.

Structure of fireproof steel doors

Besides, the fireproof door structure also has other parts such as:

  • Door frames are usually made with 1.2mm - 1.6mm thicker steel, 1.5 - 2mm thick stiffeners, coated with electrostatic paint or wood grain color like the door.
  • Hydraulic door closer: This is an important part of a fireproof door product. This part helps the door stay closed, ensuring absolute safety for users during the escape process.
  • Other door accessories: Handles, door locks, emergency exit bars, etc. Usually these details are made of 304 stainless steel or high-quality steel or alloy, increasing the stability of the overall door design.

Classification of fireproof steel doors

On the market today there are many lines of fireproof steel doors. To help you have the most overview and understanding, the following is to classify them based on two criteria: size and fire resistance time.

Fire door size:

There are 3 common types based on this classification, including:

Single-wing fireproof steel door: As the name suggests, this type of door has only one wing with a thick steel frame and door. Inside the core is a Magnesium Oxide (MGO) sheet that increases sound and heat insulation. With a simple and convenient design, single-panel fireproof steel doors are widely used. You will easily see them appear in apartment buildings in electrical and water technical rooms or stair exits, etc.

Fireproof door with 1 wing

2-panel fireproof steel doors: 2-panel fireproof steel doors are often installed in factories, warehouses,... or apartment corridors, schools, and densely populated areas. This steel door line is made up of 2 galvanized steel panels. The door is linked to the frame by a heavy-duty hinge system, creating stability and flexibility in opening and closing operations. However, with a wide-open 2-wing design, the product will have a much heavier weight than a 1-wing door.

2-panel fireproof steel door

4-panel fireproof steel door : This door line has the largest size among fireproof doors, creating an extremely airy space with spacious walkways. That's why this door model is not very commonly used. You can only see them in extremely large-scale workshops and factories.

Features of fireproof steel doors

Based on design and usage, each type of building will require a different fire resistance duration. Accordingly, there are 4 most common fire resistance levels.

60-minute fire-resistant steel door: This door line is made from 2 galvanized steel panels with a thickness of 0.8 to 1.0mm with a maximum fire resistance time of 60 minutes. After this period of time, the door will be deformed and no longer able to prevent the fire from spreading.

70-minute fire-resistant steel door: 70-minute fire-resistant door also has a design of 2 galvanized steel panels with a thickness of 1mm. When a fire occurs, the product can prevent the fire for 70 minutes. From there, people in the building will have more time to evacuate to safe areas.

90-minute fire-resistant steel door: Although also made from 2 1mm thick galvanized steel panels, this door model will have a fire resistance time of up to 90 minutes. With relatively long fire resistance, 90-minute fire-resistant steel doors are often installed in apartment buildings or crowded buildings.

Steel door with fire resistance of 120 minutes : Currently, this is the door model with the longest fire resistance time, up to 2 hours. The door is made from 2 galvanized steel sheets with a thickness of 1.00 to 1.2mm, combined with a high density Magnesium oxide sheet to help increase fire resistance.

Thanks to its high fire resistance, large public buildings such as schools, hospitals, factories, supermarkets, etc. will often install this type of 120-minute fireproof steel door to ensure safety.

2-panel fireproof door with fireproof glass pane

What are fireproof steel door standards?

According to TCVN 9383:2012, standard fireproof steel doors must basically meet the following criteria:

  • Fireproof materials: Fireproof steel doors are required to be made from fireproof materials with a minimum fire resistance of 45 minutes.
  • Thickness and size: Standard fireproof doors must ensure the correct dimensions: width from 800 - 1200mm, height from 1800 - 3000mm, door thickness from 40 - 50mm and thickness of steel plate is 0.8mm ; 1.0mm; 1.5mm or 2.0mm.
  • Other standards: Fire-resistant tempered glass must have additional heat-resistant steel mesh; The core of the door must be insulated; Use electrostatic paint, wood grain paint or oil paint to increase fire resistance; There must be no shortage of rubber gaskets as well as some necessary accessories to prevent dust and smoke

Price of fireproof steel doors

The price of fireproof steel doors depends on each design such as 1-panel door, 2-panel door, 4-panel door. In addition, the price of fireproof steel doors depends on the fire resistance time, the type of accessories included and whether the door design has fireproof glass panes or not. The price of standard and latest fireproof steel doors currently ranges from 1,800,000 or more. To get the best quote for fireproof doors, you need a detailed design for each type of door.

Where to buy fireproof steel doors?

There are many types of fireproof and fireproof doors on the market. Customers need to clearly distinguish each type of door to choose the right one. You should choose to buy a fireproof door with an inspection certificate according to the latest regulations. Choose to buy fireproof doors from a long-standing, reputable manufacturer. Customers also need to consider the intended use to choose a suitable fireproof door.

In addition, customers can refer to composite wood-plastic door models to choose to buy for their projects

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