Beautiful composite wood plastic bedroom door in Cu Chi

Naviwood provides beautiful composite wood-plastic bedroom doors in Cu Chi, City. HCM

Naviwood is a high-quality composite wood-plastic door brand in Cu Chi, City. HCM. Thanks to outstanding quality, diverse designs and competitive prices, Naviwood is always trusted by customers to choose for their family's bedroom space.

Below are some of the best-selling wood-plastic composite bedroom door models in Cu Chi, City. Naviwood's HCM:

1. Plain wood grain door model:

  • Brings luxurious, sophisticated beauty, suitable for all interior styles.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Reasonable price.
The bedroom door is smooth

2. Door models with glass panes:

  • Makes the room brighter and airier.
  • Create a highlight for the interior space.
  • There are many designs and sizes to choose from.

Composite plastic wooden door NW192 - Selling Naviwood plastic wooden doors

3. Semi-classical door model with embossed molding:

  • Expressing luxury and class for the house.
  • Suitable for those who love classic style.
  • There are many exquisite designs and patterns to choose from.
The door has a semi-classical molding

4. Unique wing-shaped door model:

  • Create an impressive highlight for the bedroom space.
  • Brings a distinct and unique beauty to the house.
  • There are many designs and colors to choose from.

composite plastic wooden door NW147

5. High quality water-resistant toilet door:

  • 100% waterproof, no warping or termites.
  • Shiny surface, easy to clean.
  • Ensure safety for users.
The toilet door is waterproof
See toilet door samples:

In addition, Naviwood also provides many other composite wood-plastic bedroom door models to meet all customer needs. You can refer to more detailed information at the website: or contact Naviwood directly for free consultation:

Naviwood - Raise the level of class for your living space!

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