Hotel room doors and things to know

Hotel room doors are very important in terms of many factors such as door width, impact resistance, soundproofing ability, durability, ensuring privacy, aesthetics and safety for guests. That's why the design and production of hotel room doors is extremely important. Here are things to know when choosing to buy and install hotel doors:

Luxurious hotel

About size:

The size of the hotel room door must not be too small, as it will be inconvenient for guests to enter and exit. On the contrary, the hotel room door should not be too large because it takes up space when opening and closing the door and makes it feel unsafe. Normally hotel room doors have a width of 800 - 980mm and a height of 2200 - 2400mm. The thickness of hotel room doors shows good sound insulation, good bearing capacity and durability.

About color:

Hotel room doors need to have a color that is relatively consistent with the general architectural design of the entire hotel. Colors should not be too flashy or too bright, causing an unfriendly feeling. Usually, hotel room door colors are dark but cool, creating a comfortable, safe feeling for guests to rest and relax. However, some luxury hotels use white room doors to create a clean and modern feeling.

About device:

* Lock the door : A very important part is the door lock. Hotel room door locks are usually magnetic cards that are easy to use, easy to manage, and used to turn on and off the electrical system in the room.

Magnetic card lock for living room door

* Hinge: The door hinge is a very important detail that ensures it can withstand good loads, open and close smoothly, gently without making noise. Therefore hinge Doors used for hotel rooms must be of good quality and highly durable.
* Hydraulic door closer: It is often installed on hotel room doors hydraulic door closer (pneumatic push handle) to let the door close automatically or stop at a perpendicular point. The hydraulic arm should not be adjusted too heavy nor too light. If the adjustment is too heavy, it will be difficult to open and close for guests, especially young children. But if adjusted too lightly, the door may not close automatically.
* Magic eyes/binoculars : Usually mounted on hotel doors God's eyes (or binoculars) so guests can see outside but cannot see inside.
* Latch: The door latch is usually mounted inside so guests can hook it to ensure safety during their stay.

Types of hotel room door latches

About material:

Hotel doors usually don't have too many details, but they need to be designed with high aesthetics. The hotel door design must be soundproof to ensure privacy, quiet and safety for guests. That's why the material used to make hotel doors must be chosen very carefully. The materials commonly used to make hotel room doors are natural wood, industrial wood doors and not to mention composite plastic wood doors .
* Natural wood: Using natural wood to make room doors is often used in high-end luxury hotels. However, recently the production of natural wooden doors for hotels has also been limited because natural wood is increasingly scarce and expensive. Natural wood is flammable, easily warped, and susceptible to termites if not carefully treated before door production...
* Industrial wood : Industrial wood doors are also often used for hotel room doors. However, it can be easily damaged under certain conditions. Fire resistance is limited, and water resistance is poor. The age of workers for industrial wooden doors is usually not high.
* Wood plastic composite : is a trend that is widely used to replace other types when making hotel room doors. Composite wood-plastic doors come in many designs and colors. Very good water resistance, no warping. Composite wood-plastic doors can install many types of necessary equipment for hotel room doors. The door opens and closes smoothly and is very well soundproofed. The special thing is that composite plastic wood doors do not burn and do not catch fire when a fire occurs. In addition, when calculating business costs, composite plastic wooden doors are the top choice because they are reasonably priced, easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

Easy to clean:

Hotel doors need to ensure ease of cleaning during use. The door does not contain substances that are toxic to users and the door must have a high level of safety.

Composite plastic wooden doors are used as hotel room doors

Place of production of hotel room doors:

Naviwood is the leading factory manufacturing composite wood and plastic doors in Vietnam. Currently, Naviwood composite wood-plastic door products are present in 36 provinces and cities nationwide, stretching from North to South. Naviood composite wooden plastic doors are used for hundreds of large and small hotels and high-end resorts from islands to mountainous areas. Naviwood always innovates in technology and production techniques, so it constantly launches the best new products on the market. Naviwood composite wood plastic door models are always highly appreciated by customers for their quality and extremely good sound insulation level.

The hotel uses Naviwood composite wood-plastic doors for room doors.

Refer to hotel door samples here: Hotel door model

Composite plastic wooden doors installed in Ca Mau

For more information and detailed drawings of hotel doors, please contact directly Zalo/tel 0399 656 939 - 0977 70 73 78 for help or contact Naviwood composite wood and plastic door agent nearest to receive door samples, catalogs, and completely free consultation.
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