Toilet door and things to note

Toilet door is what separates different spaces and ensures the privacy of family members. That's why choosing a bathroom door is very important.

Luxurious water-resistant toilet door

How to choose a bathroom door to ensure both feng shui and aesthetics is a concern of many families. There are many factors that make a door suitable for the bathroom space, of which size is the most important factor. When choosing the size of the toilet door according to feng shui, you should pay attention to the following issues

The toilet door has an impressive design

Toilet door size according to feng shui

  • The toilet door should not be too large, as it will cause imbalance compared to the overall space, while also taking up space and cost.

  • The toilet door should not be too small, causing inconvenience during movement and loss of aesthetics and harmony for the entire building.

  • Depending on the area of ​​the bathroom, you will choose a door with the appropriate size. The toilet door has two basic sizes as follows: 69cm x 198 cm and 81cm x 214cm.

  • Feng shui bathroom doors should not be too high or too wide, just reaching the words "kiep" and "harm" on the ban ruler is feng shui standard.

Sliding doors help save bathroom space

To ensure the bathroom is well-ventilated, it is necessary to install additional windows or ventilation doors to get wind, create air circulation and quickly reduce odors. In feng shui, square and rectangular windows with the following sizes should be used:

  • 62cm x 47cm (height x width).

  • 66.5cm x 59cm (height x width).

  • 67.5cm x 61cm (height x width).

  • 69.5cm x 62cm (height x width).

The door has louvres for better air circulation.

What material should the toilet door be made of?

The toilet door is exposed to water and many cleaning chemicals, so it will more or less affect the quality of the product. Hence the toilet door What to make from is also an important issue that many people care about.

Composite plastic wood doors used for bathroom doors

Currently,  toilet door Made from many different materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic and each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Wooden material: helps make the bathroom space more beautiful and closer. However, the ability to resist mold and mildew is not good, making it susceptible to warping and termites.

  • Aluminum material: with high durability, it is trusted by many families. However, during use, aluminum doors easily make unpleasant creaking sounds and are easily deformed due to strong impacts.

  • Industrial wood material: Some types of industrial wood have the ability to "proof" moisture, however, if used in the bathroom after a long time, it can easily expand and absorb water, leading to difficulty in opening and closing, and the door will peel off. cracked, broken.

  • Plastic material: with diverse designs and colors, it is increasingly popular with many Vietnamese families. The toilet door has outstanding water resistance, is light in weight, and is easy to install. In particular, the designs of plastic doors are very diverse and suitable for most spaces.

  • Material Composite plastic wood : Composite plastic wood doors are 100% water resistant, no toxic substances, no termites, no warping, no fire... Currently, composite plastic wood doors are a popular trend in the world. world as well as in Vietnam.

Toilet door is 100% waterproof

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Where to buy the most standard toilet door?

To buy toilet door 100% water resistant, please contact us to receive free consultation, in addition:

  • Get a reasonable price
  • Guarantee of product quality.
  • In particular, you will have peace of mind when using a good toilet door because it is always guaranteed by the supplier for a certain period of time.

The toilet door is beautiful and highly durable.

Navi Wood Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in producing composite wood-plastic doors in Vietnam. Naviwood composite plastic wooden doors are 100% water-resistant, termite-free, fire-proof, contain no toxic substances, and have good sound insulation. Our company always meets and guarantees design, quality and fast delivery schedule.

Composite plastic wood doors are used for bathroom doors, soundproof bedroom doors, hotel doors, apartment doors, office doors, hospital doors...

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