Hai Thi mosquito net door - Comprehensive protection solution for your home

Hai Thi mosquito net door - Comprehensive protection solution for your home

Hai Thi mosquito net doors are the leading reputable brand in Vietnam specializing in providing effective anti-mosquito and insect solutions for houses, apartments, offices, hospitals,... With more than 15 years of experience. With experience in the field, Hai Thi has affirmed its position in the market thanks to outstanding product quality, professional service and competitive prices.

Hai Thi mosquito net door - Comprehensive protection solution for your home

Diverse products, meeting all needs:

Hai Thi provides a full range of anti-mosquito screen doors with a variety of designs and styles, suitable for all spaces and needs:

  • Folding anti-mosquito screen door: Saves space, easy to use, suitable for windows and doors with small areas.
  • Sliding mosquito net doors: Smooth and gentle operation, suitable for windows and doors with large areas.
  • Open-wing anti-mosquito screen door: Luxurious, modern design, safe for homes with young children.
  • Self-rolling anti-mosquito screen door: Convenient to use, easy to clean, suitable for all spaces.
Introducing Hai Thi mosquito net doors to customers

Introducing Hai Thi self-rolling mosquito net doors to customers.

Outstanding quality:

Hai Thi anti-mosquito screen doors are manufactured from high-quality, genuine imported materials, ensuring durability, sturdiness and effective anti-mosquito and insect resistance:

  • Aluminum frame: Using high-quality aluminum profiles, powder-coated, anti-rust and anti-warping.
  • Mesh: 304, 316 stainless steel mesh is super hard, rust-free, highly durable, safe for health.
  • Accessories: Genuine, high quality accessories, ensuring durability and aesthetics.

Professional service:

Hai Thi owns a team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants, always ready to assist customers in choosing the most suitable product. Professional construction technical team, ensuring quick, accurate and safe installation.

Reputable warranty policy:

Hai Thi applies a warranty policy of up to 5 years for all products, bringing peace of mind to customers.

Hai Thi mosquito net door exhibition
Hai Thi anti-mosquito screen door exhibition booth

Choosing Hai Thi anti-mosquito screen door, you will receive:

  • Effective solution to prevent mosquitoes and insects, protecting family health.
  • High quality products, durable over time.
  • Professional, dedicated service.
  • Competitive prices, suitable for all customers.

Please contact Hai Thi immediately for free consultation and quote!

Hai Thi mosquito net door - Comprehensive protection for your home!

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bên đây dịch vụ ok, hỗ trợ và tư vấn nhiệt tình, nên là cảm thấy rất yên tầm khi sử dụng sản phẩm bên Hai Thi này
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Đã trải nghiệm vách ngăn của công ty. Hè này đã mát. Like!!!

Kim Anh Ngo Thi

Cửa lưới haithiwindow chuyên nghiệp,cửa vừa đẹp vừa bền ,chất liệu tốt , theo mình đánh giá hàng này quá ok

Luan nguyen

Cửa lưới Hai Thi chuyên nghiệp , làm đẹp , bền bỉ quá ok

Trần Tiến

Toi thấy Dịch vụ của HaThi W rất tốt!

Phan Trọng Quý

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