Naviwood composite wood-plastic hotel doors: The perfect solution for a luxurious, classy space in Quy Nhon

Naviwood composite wood and plastic hotel doors - The perfect solution for luxurious and classy spaces

Naviwood is proud to offer customers a line of high-quality composite wood-plastic hotel doors, meeting all needs for aesthetics, durability and outstanding features.

Quy Nhon composite wood and plastic hotel door

Outstanding advantages:

  • Effective soundproofing and heat insulation: 45mm thick door combined with advanced composite materials helps prevent outside noise and temperature, creating quiet and comfort for the resort space.
  • Absolutely waterproof: Naviwood composite wooden doors are 100% water resistant, do not warp or shrink, and are suitable for all climatic conditions, including coastal areas.
  • Durable over time: Resistant to termites, cracks, no need for periodic painting, ensuring long life and saving maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Using recycled materials, contributing to protecting the living environment.
  • Diverse and luxurious designs: Providing many designs, colors and delicate wood grains, suitable for all hotel architectural styles.
  • Safe for health: Does not contain Formaldehyde, ensuring safety for users.
  • Easy to install: Quick construction, saving time and costs.
Soundproof composite wood-plastic hotel door structure
45mm thick door: safer, more luxurious, better soundproofing.

Quotation for Naviwood composite wood and plastic hotel door agent in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh:

Note: The above price list is for reference only, the selling price may vary depending on the size, design and number of doors ordered.

Contact us immediately for a free consultation and detailed quote:

  • Naviwood authorized dealer in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh.
  • Hotline: 0977.70.73.78
  • Website:
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Wood plastic composite door NW105

Naviwood is committed to bringing customers:

  • Genuine product, high quality
  • Competitive price
  • Professional, dedicated service
  • Reputable warranty

Naviwood - Raise the level of class for your hotel space!

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