Hotel doors are beautiful and have the best soundproofing in Buon Ma Thuot

Naviwood is the leading factory producing soundproof, non-flammable composite wood-plastic hotel doors in Vietnam.

Beautiful hotel in Buon Ma Thuot

Currently, Naviwood is the supplier of the most beautiful standard wood-plastic composite hotel doors in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak province.

Hotel door structure

Naviwood composite wood-plastic hotel doors have many outstanding advantages over other conventional doors such as: The 45mm thick door is more luxurious, more durable and better soundproofed .

Naviwood composite wood and plastic hotel doors have good strength and high durability.

Naviwood composite wood hotel doors are non-flammable, 100% water-resistant, termite-free, not warped or cracked, do not contain the toxic substance Formaldehyde, are safe and environmentally friendly.

Hotel bathroom door

Naviwood composite wood-plastic hotel doors have many designs and are manufactured according to customer requirements. In addition, Naviwood composite wood plastic hotel doors also come in a variety of colors to match the general interior of the hotel.

Naviwood composite plastic wooden doors combined with hotel door locks help operate and manage the process in the easiest and most accurate way.

Lock the hotel door

In addition, Naviwood also provides all 100% water-resistant composite wood plastic toilet doors, very luxurious and sustainable.

Naviwood composite wood-plastic hotel door products are always welcomed, used and highly appreciated by customers for their product quality.

With many outstanding advantages and reasonable prices, Naviwood composite plastic wooden doors are the number 1 choice for hotel room doors and bathroom doors in Buon Ma Thuot today.

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