Saigon plastic wooden doors are the most beautiful and luxurious today

Saigon's most beautiful and luxurious wooden plastic doors today: Wood plastic composite doors , also known as "wood plastic doors", "wood grain plastic doors" (WPC - Wood Plastic Composite) are a line of beautifully designed modern doors. , chosen by many customers because of its diversity of designs and reasonable prices.

3D plastic wooden door

The door has an exterior like a natural wooden door, but the inside components are wood powder and plastic, so it has outstanding advantages such as absolute water resistance, termite resistance, warp resistance, no shrinkage, and no cracking. , non-flammable, extremely resistant to corrosion and mold, environmentally friendly.

Structure of wooden and plastic doors:

Saigon wooden and plastic door structure

The composite wood-plastic door structure includes a 45mm thick imported monolithic door that is absolutely water-resistant, and a door frame from 100 to 220mm for walls of different thicknesses. Covering wall gaps ensures high aesthetics. Rust-proof 304 stainless steel hinges. Rust-proof 304 stainless steel safety door lock.

Price quote for wooden and plastic doors in Saigon

Specifications of common wooden plastic doors:

The clearance size (air ventilation size) of this type of door is 810mm (horizontal) x 2150mm (height) with the following displacement:

Width 810mm (allowable range is 805mm to 818mm).

Height 2150mm (allowable range is 2145mm to 2160mm).

When building a waiting box to install a door according to feng shui, you must take into account the allowable clearance for installing the door. Usually the allowable clearance for door installation is 5-10mm.

* Feng shui door width is 810mm, door cover size is 895mm, then build a waiting box of 900mm

* The door is 2150mm high, the door cover is 2195mm and the waiting box is 2200mm.

Saigon plastic wooden doors have beautiful moldings

Address for selling wooden plastic doors in Saigon:

NAVI WOOD Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in manufacturing composite wood-plastic doors in Vietnam. Officially imported ingredients from famous brands. Composite wood-plastic door products are used for hotel doors, bedroom doors, hospital doors, and office doors. Naviwood is the leading supplier of composite wood and plastic doors in the Vietnamese market.

Genuine Saigon plastic wooden doors

Genuine plastic wooden doors always have packaging labels printed with the manufacturer's logo.

Please contact the official Naviwood composite wooden door dealer or directly by phone/ Zalo: 0399 656 939 or 0977.70.73.78 for free consultation and detailed price quote on Naviwood composite wooden doors.

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