Naviwood plastic wooden doors: quality door solutions for your living space

Naviwood composite wooden doors are becoming a popular choice for many families today. This comes from the perfect combination of quality and beautiful design of the product. Naviwood has created unique composite wood-plastic door products to meet the needs and preferences of consumers.

Naviwood plastic wooden doors

1. Bedroom door: Create a private and comfortable space

  • With Naviwood, you can create a quiet and thoughtful bedroom space thanks to its excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation features.
  • Naviwood bedroom doors not only bring luxury to the room but also help you sleep better and more comfortably.

2. Hotel doors: Create the first impression for customers

  • With beautiful designs and a variety of colors, Naviwood hotel doors will help create a strong impression on customers right from the first step into your hotel.
  • At the same time, Naviwood's fireproof and security protection features are also important plus points to help maintain customer safety.
Beautiful plastic toilet door

3. Toilet plastic door: convenient and easy to use

  • Naviwood provides smart plastic bathroom door solutions, helping you save time and effort in cleaning and maintaining the door.
  • With water and termite resistance, Naviwood plastic bathroom doors are the top choice for those who want to create a clean and airy space in their home.

4. Naviwood plastic wooden doors: Aesthetics and durability

  • With high-quality plastic material, Naviwood plastic doors bring natural beauty and luxury to your home.
  • Naviwood plastic door products are also scratch resistant and highly resistant, helping to increase the durability and longevity of the door.
Naviwood composite plastic door

5. Naviwood composite plastic door: Perfect combination of wood and plastic

  • Naviwood provides composite plastic doors with diverse designs and high durability.
  • With features like fireproof, termite-proof and resistant to harsh times, Naviwood composite wood-plastic doors are the ideal choice for those who want to own natural wooden doors without worrying about rotting or peeling.


With Naviwood, you will get high quality, diverse door solutions suitable for every living space. From bedroom doors, hotel doors, to bathroom plastic doors, Naviwood meets all requirements for aesthetics, functionality and durability. Decorate your living space with Naviwood and take advantage of the luxury and convenience it brings.

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