Beautiful composite wooden plastic doors in Tay Ninh

Naviwood brand composite wood-plastic bedroom doors are a great choice for families who want to redecorate their living space. With beautiful design and superior features, this product will bring you not only luxury but also durability and convenience.

Beautiful composite plastic wooden door in Tay Ninh

Naviwood is one of the leading brands in the field of manufacturing and supplying composite wood-plastic doors in Vietnam. With more than 10 years of experience and modern technology, Naviwood is committed to providing customers with high quality products and the best service.

Outstanding features of the product

  • High-quality composite wood material: Bedroom door NW51 is made from composite wood with high durability and better resistance to termites and warping than natural wood.
  • 45mm thickness: The product has a thickness of 45mm to help increase sturdiness and better sound insulation.
  • Diverse door frames: There are many door frame sizes to suit different spaces and wall structures.
  • Covering gaps on the wall: Helps create perfection and uniformity for the space.
  • Fast delivery: Naviwood commits to delivery quickly and on schedule.

Naviwood composite wood bedroom door from Naviwood in the family and very satisfied with its quality and features. Simple but luxurious design, bright and diverse colors help me choose according to my own style. In particular, the 45mm thickness of the door helps increase sound insulation, creating a quiet and comfortable space for the whole family to sleep.

Beautiful wooden plastic door

In addition, having many sizes of door frames and wall gap covers also makes it easy to choose and install products flexibly and conveniently. With fast and on-schedule delivery service, I am completely assured about the product purchasing and installation process.


Currently Naviwood is having a special discount program, helping you save a significant amount of money. At the same time, the price includes taxes and shipping fees at checkout, there are no additional costs incurred. However, if you want to change the color or produce according to actual size, the price may be different from the regular price.

Naviwood composite wood plastic door price


  • High quality composite wood material, durable and resistant to termites and warping.
  • Simple but luxurious design, suitable for many decorative styles.
  • 45mm thickness helps increase sound insulation and sturdiness.
  • There are many sizes of door frames and wall gap covers to choose from.
  • Delivery service is fast and on schedule.

Advice from experts

According to interior decoration experts, Naviwood composite wood and plastic bedroom doors are a product worth investing in for your living space. With high-quality materials and simple but luxurious design, this product will bring you not only convenience but also aesthetics.

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With outstanding features and advantages, Naviwood's composite wood-plastic bedroom door is a great choice for families who want to redecorate their living space. Beautiful composite plastic wood doors will bring satisfaction and comfort to you and your family. Hurry and order today to enjoy special offers from Naviwood!

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