What are the characteristics of Naviwood composite wooden doors?

Naviwood composite wood-plastic door is a type of door made from composite wood-plastic material. This material is made up of wood pulp, PVC resin and other additives. Naviwood plastic wooden doors have many advantages as follows:

Beautiful wooden plastic door

  1. 100% water resistant : Naviwood plastic wooden doors are made from composite wood plastic materials, with absolute water resistance. This helps prevent the door from warping or shrinking due to weather, especially in wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets.
  2. No termites, mold or mildew : Naviwood plastic wooden doors are produced on modern technological lines, with strict heat treatment processes. Thanks to that, the door is effectively resistant to termites, mold, and mildew.
  1. Non-flammable, safe for health : Naviwood plastic wooden doors are made from PVC plastic and additives, which is a non-flammable material. This helps keep the door safe for health and prevents fires.
  2. Good sound insulation and heat insulation : Naviwood plastic wooden doors have a special structure, providing good sound and heat insulation. This helps bring a quiet, comfortable space for the family.
  3. Easy to clean : Naviwood plastic wooden doors have a smooth surface, easy to clean.

Naviwood plastic wooden doors are widely used in civil construction projects, such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, toilets, offices, warehouses, and can also be used in industrial projects. such as cold storage, clean rooms, laboratories, and manufacturing plants . Hopefully this information will help you better understand this type of door and make the right choice for your home! 🏡🚪

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