Naviwood Composite Wooden Plastic Door: 45mm Thick Door - Enhance Your Living Space

Are you looking for a durable, luxurious and soundproof door solution for your home? Naviwood composite wooden door with 45mm thick door is the perfect choice for you!

Why should you choose Naviwood composite wood doors 45mm thick?

  • Outstanding durability: Thanks to its structure from high-quality composite materials, Naviwood doors are absolutely waterproof, termite-proof, warp-proof, and shrink-proof, ensuring durability over time.
    Wood plastic composite door NW106
  • Classy luxury: Naviwood doors possess a modern, luxurious design with delicate wood grain, contributing to enhancing the aesthetic value of your living space.
    Naviwood plastic wooden door structure
  • Effective soundproofing: 45mm thickness helps Naviwood doors have outstanding soundproofing ability, giving you a quiet and relaxing space.
    The most beautiful 3D plastic wooden door
  • Health safety: Naviwood doors are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, do not contain Formaldehyde, ensuring safety for users' health.

In addition, Naviwood composite wooden doors also have other advantages such as:

  • Easy to install and clean
  • Diverse designs, suitable for all spaces
  • Competitive price

Naviwood - Prestigious brand, quality products:

  • Naviwood is the leading reputable wood-plastic composite door brand in Vietnam with many years of experience in the industry.
  • Naviwood products are produced on modern lines, applying advanced technology, ensuring high quality.
  • Naviwood has a nationwide dealer system, providing professional consulting, sales and installation services.

Please contact Naviwood immediately for free consultation and choose the most suitable door set for yourself!

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Naviwood - Enhance your living space!

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