Naviwood Composite Plastic Wood Door - Absolutely Waterproof, Durable for All Projects in Duc Hoa, Long An

Are you looking for the newest and best composite wood and plastic doors ? Come to Naviwood! We provide 45mm thick wood-plastic composite doors , absolutely water-resistant , durable and luxuriously beautiful , meeting all your needs.

Wood plastic composite door NW105

Benefits of using Naviwood composite wood-plastic doors:

  • Absolutely waterproof: Thanks to its construction from 100% high-quality composite wood, Naviwood doors are 100% water-resistant, do not warp, shrink or termite, and are suitable for all weather conditions, including wet areas such as bathrooms. living room, kitchen.
  • Outstanding durability: The 45mm thick door and high-quality film coating help Naviwood doors have a lifespan of up to 20 years, saving replacement and repair costs.
  • Good soundproofing and thermal insulation: Naviwood doors help effectively prevent noise from outside, creating a quiet space for your home. At the same time, the door also helps protect the house from the effects of temperature and saves energy.
  • Luxury and aesthetics: Naviwood doors have a modern, sophisticated design with many diverse designs, suitable for all architectural styles.
  • Health safety: Naviwood doors are manufactured from high-quality materials, free of toxic substances Formaldehyde and Benzene, ensuring safety for users' health.
  • Easy to clean: The door surface is smooth and flat, easy to clean, helping you save time and effort in cleaning the house.

Why choose Naviwood:

  • Reputable manufacturer: Naviwood is the leading manufacturer of composite wood and plastic doors in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience.
  • High-quality products: We use high-quality imported materials and modern production technology, ensuring the best product quality.
  • Competitive price: Naviwood provides competitive prices for composite wood-plastic door products.
  • Professional service: We have a team of dedicated consultants and a professional installation team, ensuring to bring customers the most satisfaction.

Contact now for free consultation:

  • Hotline: 0977 70 73 78
  • Website:
  • Factory address: 1092/15 Duong Cong Khi, Hoc Mon, City. Ho Chi Minh
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