What is ABS door? ABS door production process

What is ABS door?

ABS plastic doors are known as one of the product lines of wood-imitation plastic doors that have been on the market very early. ABS doors are widely produced in Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam...ABS plastic doors are often used as bathroom doors, bedroom door ... so what is the structure of the ABS door? And what is special about the ABS door production process? Are ABS doors good? Below is a summary of articles about ABS doors

Some ABS door models

ABS door structure

ABS door

ABS doors (abbreviated Acrilonitrible Butandiene Styrene) have a general structure consisting of 4 main parts:

ABS door structure

  • Surface Durability: is an ABS plastic sheet with a thickness of 1.8-3mm. This plastic sheet is pasted over a layer of wood grain PVC film (0.13-0.25mm thick).

The "surface" of the ABS door is pressed into shape

  • Door frame (the door frame) is usually made from wood (regular wood such as rubber wood, acacia wood...) or extruded plastic wood pulp.

The ABS door core uses a "foarm" outside which is a mixed wood frame

  • Door core There are usually 2 forms: equal Honey-comb paper or equal Foam .

ABS door corner details

Door frame:

The door frame is made from wood plastic and has a shaped corrugated iron sheet installed on the back to help ensure a secure installation. The rest is industrial wood panels or plywood to increase sturdiness during installation.

In addition, the ABS door has an additional splint to install on the outside to cover wall gaps


Accessory ABS doors include door hinges, door locks, and damping rubber seals. In addition, it is possible to install magic eyes, door stops and hydraulic door closers...

ABS door production process

Place the ABS sheet below, then roll glue onto the surface => Next, place the door frame (assembled according to size first) on top => put Honey-comb paper core or Foam sheet in the middle => roll glue on surface => put the ABS sheet on. All are placed in a fixed frame (door model) pressed together for 8-12 hours. Finally, cut according to specifications and glue the edges to complete the door.

The process of rolling glue onto the surface of the ABS sheet before putting it into the flat press

Advantages and disadvantages of ABS doors


ABS doors have many advantages such as beautiful, luxurious designs and elegant colors.

The door is light Compared to other types of doors, it sags less when installed.

Save costs because the price of ABS doors is much cheaper than other types of doors.


Due to the multi-component ABS door structure, the expansion varies when exposed to changing temperature conditions. ABS doors are moisture resistant but cannot withstand water because they can expand when exposed to water. Therefore, ABS doors can only be installed indoors (interior doors) and must not be exposed to water or sunlight.
The thickness of the ABS door is from 35 - 40mm so when holding it, it does not feel sturdy and the safety is not high, and has moderate sound insulation. ABS doors have the ability to burn in case of fire.

ABS door models widely used in Vietnam have beautiful and eye-catching designs

Price of ABS plastic doors

Currently, in Vietnam there are many ABS doors of different origins and different designs. The price of ABS doors depends on the door material, surface plastic sheet thickness, door frame, door core and door thickness (35-40mm). In addition, the price of ABS doors depends on accompanying equipment such as hinges, door locks, and other equipment (if any)... The price of ABS doors is much cheaper than other types of doors. To buy quality ABS doors at a reasonable price, customers should choose a reputable manufacturer or agent, a brand with many years of experience in the market.

Some ABS door models are popular today

Above is a summary of ABS doors for your reference. Hope you can choose the right door set for your family.
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