Structure of aluminum honeycomb panel door

Aluminum honeycomb panel doors are gradually becoming the top choice for modern projects because of their luxurious, sophisticated beauty along with outstanding advantages in durability and functionality. To help you better understand this door line, the following article will delve into decoding the structure of aluminum honeycomb panel doors, from which you can make wise decisions for your interior space.

Structure of aluminum honeycomb panel door

1. Door frame:

  • Material: Door frames are made from high-quality aluminum profile bars, often using 6063-T5 aluminum alloy with high durability, good strength and effective corrosion resistance.
  • Structure: The frame includes many hollow compartments to help increase soundproofing, heat insulation and minimize door weight.
  • Design: Door frames are designed with many diverse designs, suitable for all architectural styles from modern, minimalist to neoclassical.
Aluminum honeycomb door structure

2. Aluminum honeycomb panels:

  • Structure: Aluminum honeycomb panels are made up of two thin aluminum panels linked together by a layer of bamboo charcoal and thousands of small hexagonal cells resembling honeycombs.
  • Advantages: Thanks to this special structure, aluminum honeycomb panels possess many outstanding advantages such as:
    • High durability: Thanks to its special structure, aluminum honeycomb panel doors have good resistance to all weather conditions, without warping, termites or shrinkage over time.
    • Good soundproofing and heat insulation: Aluminum honeycomb panel doors help reduce noise from the outside, create quietness for the interior space and effectively save energy.
    • Effective fire protection: Honeycomb aluminum panels can prevent fire spread for 60 minutes, ensuring safety for users and property.
    • High aesthetics: Aluminum honeycomb panel doors have diverse, modern designs, suitable for all architectural styles.
    • Easy to clean: The aluminum honeycomb door surface is smooth and easy to clean, saving time and effort on cleaning.
Honeycomb aluminum room door

3. Accessory system:

  • Rubber gasket: Ensures tightness for the door, preventing water, dust and noise from entering.
  • Door lock: Use multi-point lock with high safety, effective anti-theft.
  • Hinge: Good load-bearing, helps the door operate smoothly and gently.
  • Other accessories: Door handles, door stops ...

4. Finishing layer:

  • Powder coating: Creates a smooth, beautiful glossy coating that prevents scratches, peeling and increases the life of the door.
  • Anodized: Helps the door have good oxidation and corrosion resistance and is suitable for coastal environments.

Choosing aluminum honeycomb panel doors brings you:

  • Luxurious and modern interior space .
  • Optimal soundproofing and heat insulation effect .
  • High durability, long life.
  • Operates smoothly and gently.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

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