Be wary of cheap composite plastic wood doors

Currently, composite plastic wood doors are a HOT product in the Vietnamese market. That's why the sale of fake and low-quality counterfeit goods began to appear, affecting consumers and the reputation of genuine manufacturing businesses.

1. Identify cheap wood-plastic composite doors.

In terms of technology: those who make cheap counterfeit goods do NOT use machinery like other reputable manufacturing enterprises. Instead, they use pre-adhesive color film in the form of decals to be applied by hand to the door panels and door frames. These products will easily peel off after only a short time after being sold to consumers.

Cheap plastic door knocker with colored film applied by hand.

Regarding product materials: subjects often use cheap door blanks, some are defective products that do not have enough quality such as the thickness of the door panels, the smooth gloss and durability of the product's surface to use as cheap products to sell on the market. school. The standard size of composite wood-plastic doors is usually 35-40-45mm thick. However, defective brands do not fall within these parameters. In addition, counterfeit goods with defective door molds are easy to break during later use.

Regarding price: quality fake products often have a very low price, only half the actual value of quality composite wood-plastic door products. Because of the low price, consumers often choose to buy without knowing about the quality after installation.

These cheap products have entered the market, making it impossible for consumers to perceive the future consequences. In addition, counterfeit goods and cheap low-quality goods are a direct threat that affects the reputation of genuine wood-plastic composite door manufacturing businesses.

2. Instructions for choosing genuine composite wood-plastic doors

Genuine composite wood plastic doors always have outstanding quality.

To buy genuine composite wood-plastic doors, customers should carefully choose the origin of the product. You should choose good quality products with clear origins. Product specifications should be considered.

Naviwood composite wood and plastic door blanks of outstanding quality

Genuine products are manufactured by reputable businesses with many years of experience in the market. Genuine products will be carefully packaged and always have clear origin labels.

Naviwood composite wood and plastic doors

In addition, genuine products always have warranty policies and thoughtful after-sales services.

Genuine composite wood plastic doors

Genuine products always have protective packaging labels printed with the manufacturer's logo.

3. Naviwood's leading wood-plastic composite door factory in Vietnam.

Our company is a pioneer in producing composite wooden plastic doors in Vietnam. Naviwood plastic wooden doors (WPC) are produced on the most modern and advanced technological line today.

Naviwood composite plastic wooden door

Naviwood doors have perfect quality, sophisticated design in every detail, and a variety of designs and colors. Naviwood doors are waterproof (100% water resistant), no termites, no cracks, no mold, no toxic substances, no fire, no need for periodic painting...

Test results of wooden and plastic doors are standard

Naviwood composite wooden doors meet Vietnamese technical standards TCVN 9366-1

Naviwood door products are recommended by experts and architects because they use environmentally friendly green materials.

The staff is professionally trained by leading experts. We are confident in providing high quality, highly aesthetic products and meeting all progress requirements.

naviwood plastic doors at Vietbuild

Naviwood composite wooden doors at Vietbuild international exhibition.

To buy genuine composite wood and plastic doors of the best quality. Please contact Naviwood composite wooden door dealer directly or contact Zalo: 0977707378 for help, advice, catalogs and door drawings completely free of charge.

Factory producing composite wood and plastic doors

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