How to determine house direction, door direction, altar direction, kitchen direction, bed direction according to feng shui

"One taste, two directions", although the nature of direction is not as important as position, the determination of direction cannot be overlooked, because it is the basis for feng shui arrangement. When determining the wrong direction, all feng shui calculations cannot be correct.

First, it is necessary to distinguish position (also known as coordinates, azimuth) and direction. Location is where the door, kitchen, altar, bed... are located. As for direction, it means at that location, door, kitchen, altar, bed... wherever you look, that's the direction. The following are the basic directions that need to be determined:

The direction of the house

It's the direction of the whole house. Wherever you look from inside when you leave the house, that's the direction. The direction of the house will usually coincide with the direction of the vertical axis of the house. In case the house has two or three road sides, the direction of the house will be considered based on the main road, which is spacious and crowded with vehicles.

Door direction, gate direction

Is the direction perpendicular to the edge door , next to the gate. Most of us often confuse that the house direction and the door direction are the same, but that is not the case, the door can be placed diagonally to the facade, or the facade can also be diagonal to the house axis, then the house direction and direction are different. Door direction will be different. There is also an opinion that the door direction is the direction from the center of the house to the center of the door, however that is the door position, door position, not the door direction.

A house can have many doors, but the most important door is the regular entrance door. When a person walks, the gas follows. There must be an impact from the human side to create the gas. If the air from the main door is not good, you can completely go through the side door to fill the house with good air.

For apartments or offices in buildings, the door direction is considered the direction of entering and exiting the building, the apartment or office, not the balcony direction, because people cannot approach from the balcony to enter. house okay. Therefore, the balcony is only considered a place to recharge the air, and cannot rely on the direction of the balcony to neutralize or polarize the house.

Kitchen direction

It's the direction your back should not cook, also known as the direction opposite to the direction you stand to cook.

Altar direction

It is the direction opposite to the direction of the person praying, or it can be considered as the direction of the image or image.

Direction of study table and desk:

It is the direction of view of people studying or working.

How to determine house direction.

Example of how to determine direction. Based on the illustration above, we see that the house direction, door direction and bed direction all look towards the West. Kitchen facing North. The altar and study table face south.

Some important notes

- Note that when measuring direction with a compass, you must avoid places with a lot of metal, avoid being near mobile phones, because it can easily cause interference, making the measured coordinates inaccurate. When you want to do in-depth feng shui, you even need to know the exact coordinates to each degree.

So in addition to measuring the direction directly, it is necessary to verify the exact coordinates through photos taken from Google maps, or more accurately, it is necessary to rely on the corner coordinates printed on the pink book. If the old book does not have corner coordinates, you need to go to the government agency to request an excerpt.

From the coordinates on the pink book or photos taken from google maps, architects will use supporting software to know the exact direction of the house and the directions you need to find.

- Principles of feng shui , house directions, The door , kitchen, altar, desk, etc. must all look in a good direction.

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