What is Xingfa aluminum door? How much does Xingfa aluminum door cost?

Xingfa aluminum doors are considered the most popular and widely used door system today. With high applicability and competitive prices, Xingfa aluminum doors meet most of the different needs of consumers.

Origin of Xingfa aluminum doors.

Structure and specifications of imported Xingfa aluminum doors

Classification of genuine Xingfa aluminum doors

Outstanding advantages of Xingfa aluminum doors

How much does Xingfa aluminum door cost?

Some pictures of xingfa aluminum doors

Xingfa aluminum doors possess the following advantages:

  • Good soundproofing and heat insulation

  • High durability, will not peel, warp or discolor due to environmental impacts

  • Diverse colors and designs

  • Competitive price

  • High tightness, good water spill resistance.

1. Origin of Xingfa aluminum doors

Genuine imported Xingfa aluminum doors, also known as Guangdong Xingfa aluminum doors, are manufactured by Xingfa Group, headquartered in Guangdong province, China.

Currently, Xingfa aluminum is one of the high-end aluminum systems widely used in construction projects from townhouses, apartments, hospitals, offices, and other large projects...

2. Structure and specifications of imported Xingfa aluminum doors

Complete Xingfa aluminum doors include the following components:

  • Genuine imported aluminum profile bar has thickness: 1.2mm - 2.0mm.

  • Xingfa aluminum door frame: upper frame, middle frame and lower frame all meet technical standards and are sturdy.

  • Color: pure black, gray, milky white, wood grain brown and coffee brown. In particular, black, coffee brown and gray are covered with a rough, fancy and unique paint layer. The white and wood brown colors have a delicate, smooth surface.

  • Glass: Tempered glass, laminated safety glass, frosted glass, boxed glass, reflective glass...

  • Complete set of accessories: hinges, handles, levers, locks, rubber gaskets, corner clamps... Details of these accessories will be selected based on each door system you choose to ensure tightness. tight and sturdy for the door.

  • For aluminum sliding doors, there will be additional top door rails and rear door rails.

  • Wheels: used for sliding folding doors.

3. Classification of Xingfa aluminum doors

Xingfa aluminum door system 55

Applications of Xingfa system 55 aluminum doors:

– Xingfa aluminum swing-open door

– Xingfa aluminum sliding door

– Windows: swing open, slide open & tilt open

This is the Xingfa aluminum system most chosen by customers.

  • Xingfa aluminum door system 93

Applications of Xingfa aluminum glass door system 93:

– Xingfa aluminum and glass sliding doors: 2 wings, 4 wings

– Sliding door: 3 wings 3 rails, 6 wings 3 rails

– Sliding windows: 2 wings, 4 wings, 3 wings with 3 rails

Although system 93 aluminum glass doors are highly aesthetic and convenient, they still have a disadvantage in the design of the bottom rail frame, which cannot be fully opened like a swing-open or sliding door. Currently, Slim sliding doors are popular because they do not have a bottom rail, are thin, beautiful and luxurious.

  • Xingfa aluminum door system 63

Application of Xingfa system 63 aluminum doors: used to make sliding doors/windows.

In addition to the three popular aluminum systems above, Xingfa aluminum also has systems 65, 45, 87... used for installing facades, walls...

  • Xingfa Vietnam aluminum doors

Xingfa Vietnam aluminum doors are doors with frames and wings using Xingfa aluminum extruded in Vietnam.

4. Outstanding advantages of Xingfa aluminum doors

Reasons why Xingfa aluminum doors are loved by consumers:

  • Outstanding sound and heat insulation ability: Xingfa aluminum profile bar has a box-like structure, inside are empty compartments combined with staggered support ribs to minimize heat transfer from the outside environment. . In addition, Xingfa aluminum doors, when installed with other types of glass such as safety laminated glass, tempered glass, especially soundproof box glass, help the door have good sound and heat insulation.

  • Reduce maximum load for construction projects: Xingfa aluminum bars are light in weight, helping to reduce the load for construction projects, especially high-rise buildings.

  • High tightness helps effectively prevent water from spilling into the house.

  • Xingfa aluminum doors are covered with high-quality electrostatic paint, capable of withstanding high wind pressure and high color fastness, helping the product not fly, fade or warp despite the impact of weather and external environment. outside.

  • Diverse designs and colors, high aesthetics.

  • Xingfa aluminum doors are highly durable, helping to maximize warranty and repair costs.

5. How much does Xingfa aluminum door cost?

Quotations for aluminum doors need to be based on the project design including door type (open door, sliding door, window...) or facade system, color, and size of the door. In addition, the price of xingfa aluminum doors also depends on the type of glass and accompanying accessories.

To receive free detailed quote advice, customers need to choose a door processing and installation consulting unit. You should choose a reputable unit with clear information or go to verify the production information to avoid buying poor quality products.

6. Some pictures of xingfa aluminum doors:

Aluminum bar processing to produce Xingfa aluminum doors

Xingfa aluminum sliding door system 93

Xingfa aluminum sliding doors in Phu Quoc

Xingfa aluminum doors

The project uses Xingfa aluminum doors

Xingfa aluminum sliding windows

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