Soc Trang composite wooden plastic door

Naviwood is a factory that manufactures and supplies composite wooden plastic doors in Soc Trang.

Naviwood doors have perfect quality, sophisticated design in every detail, and a variety of designs and colors. Naviwood doors are waterproof (100% water resistant), no termites, no cracks, no mold, no toxic substances, no fire, no need for periodic painting...

Soc Trang composite wood plastic door

Naviwood door products are recommended by experts and architects because they use environmentally friendly green materials.

Naviwood doors are suitable for all projects such as hotel doors, apartment doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, office doors...

Composite plastic door structure

Structure of composite wood-plastic doors:

* The 45mm thick monolithic door is 100% water resistant, no warping, no cracking, no fire, no poison... The thicker the door, the more durable and soundproof it is.

* Compoiste wood plastic door frames with dimensions of width x height: 100 x 42mm, 125 x 42mm, 180 x 42mm and 220 x 42mm are intelligently designed when installed to fit the wall thickness of construction in Vietnam. Choosing the frame width is very important because it will affect the door installation process to ensure tightness, sturdiness, aesthetics as well as suitability for feng shui.

* Door braces, also known as braces, are just braces used to cover the wall gap between the frame and the wall after installing the frame. The cover brace is highly aesthetic and helps provide better sound insulation.

naviwood plastic wooden door

* High-strength stainless steel hinges have ball bearings inside so the door opens and closes very gently without making any noise. Stainless steel hinges for Naviwood composite wood doors are larger, up to 125mm in length and 3mm thick (5"x 3"x 3mm), super durable.

* Door seals are made of high-quality TPE rubber to help close the door smoothly and provide better sound insulation.

naviwood plastic door

* The door lock is an indispensable part that ensures security, the handle is used to open and close the door and has high aesthetics. Depending on the actual conditions and usage, choose different types of locks such as mechanical locks, smart electronic locks, hotel locks...

To buy the most beautiful, most standard and highest quality composite wood doors in Soc Trang, please contact the official Naviwood composite wood door dealer or directly by phone/ Zalo: 0399 656 939 or 0977.70.73.78 for free consultation.

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