Details of ABS doors and composite plastic wood doors

Below is an article about ABS doors and composite wooden doors for your reference:

1. ABS wood imitation plastic door

ABS plastic doors are known as one of the product lines of wood-imitation plastic doors that have been on the market very early. ABS doors are widely produced in Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam ...ABS plastic doors are often used as bathroom doors and bedroom doors.

Made from synthetic plastic panels, reinforced steel core, anti-curvature reinforced wood and some other special materials so it has good water resistance, does not absorb water and is termite resistant.

ABS wood imitation plastic door structure

ABS door frames are usually made from mixed wood, the core is usually made of Foam or honeycomb paper.

The outer ABS plastic door is made from ABS plastic, the inner wing frame is made entirely from PVC plastic bars. The edge of the lock is reinforced with high-quality industrial wood boards. The hollow part inside the wing is laminated with honeycomb paper (also known as honeycomb paper) to reduce sound and reduce the weight of the wing.

ABS wood imitation plastic door model

Plastic doors are often used as wood-imitation plastic windows , room doors, or bedroom doors for apartments, townhouses, villas and other civil projects with a honeycomb paper layer that helps the door have good sound insulation. .

Popular ABS wood-imitation plastic door sizes with door frame thickness are 110mm, 130mm, 140mm

ABS door thickness is usually from 30-35-40 mm, thin and light.

Advantages and disadvantages of ABS doors


ABS doors have many advantages such as beautiful, luxurious designs and elegant colors.

The door is lighter than other types of doors so it sags less when installed.

Save costs because the price of ABS doors is much cheaper than other types of doors.


Due to the multi-component ABS door structure, the expansion varies when exposed to changing temperature conditions. ABS doors are moisture resistant but cannot withstand water because they can expand when exposed to water. Therefore, ABS doors can only be installed indoors (interior doors) and must not be exposed to water or sunlight.

The thickness of the ABS door is from 30-35 - 40mm so when holding it, it does not feel sturdy and the safety is not high, and has moderate sound insulation. ABS doors have the ability to burn in case of fire.

2. Composite wood imitation plastic doors

Composite wood-imitation plastic doors are high-quality wood-imitation plastic doors, made from wood plastic (WPC symbol: Wood Plastic Composite). Wood plastic, also known as natural fiber plastic composite material or natural fiber reinforced with plastic, is a synthetic material made from wood pulp and plastic with some cellulose-based additives.

Currently, Composite wood plastic is widely used in the furniture industry, especially main doors, wood-imitation plastic windows , room doors (bedroom doors) or wood-imitation plastic toilet doors .

The size of composite wood imitation plastic has hundreds of designs from classic to modern or can be individually processed according to customer requirements.

Composite wood-imitation plastic doors have the appearance of natural wood doors with beautiful embossed wood grain lines and materials used that do not fade and are easy to clean when dusty.

Structure of composite wood-imitation plastic door:

* The 45mm thick monolithic door is 100% water resistant, creating a unique and luxurious appearance.

* 100mm door frame (can be replaced to suit wall thickness as well as increase sturdiness and aesthetics: 125mm frame, 180mm frame, 220mm frame).

* Splints cover wall gaps to increase aesthetics.

* Stainless steel 304 hinges are 3mm thick and up to 125mm long (125x75x3mm).

* Rust-proof stainless steel door lock , safe to use (can use magnetic card lock, fingerprint lock, hotel lock, Huy Hoang lock, Viet Tiep lock...).

* Door rubber gaskets are shock absorbers and soundproof.

* Change color constant price (customize color choice).

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Composite plastic wood doors have very good bearing capacity and very high durability.

Advantages of Naviwood composite wood plastic doors:

* Waterproof : 100% water resistant

* No toxic substances Formaldehyde or BenZen like other conventional doors

* No termites.

* No cracking , no warping, no periodic painting like natural wooden doors

* Does not spread fire : The door does not catch fire and does not burn like regular wooden doors or other types of doors.

* Solid door frame: Smart design prevents the frame from overturning and can be installed on many types of walls of different thicknesses.

Composite wooden plastic doors at Vietbuild exhibition fair.

* Good soundproofing with high-quality rubber gasket system.

* Good insulation (low thermal conductivity cavity design): No heat loss in the conditioning room, saving energy.

* Environmentally friendly (no natural wood used) and safe for users.

* Easy and quick installation '

* Reasonable price.

* A diversity of colours.

* High durability over 20 years and reuse.

Where to buy composite plastic wood doors?

Naviwood's leading plastic and wood composite door factory in Vietnam.

Naviwood plastic wooden doors use new environmentally friendly material technology. We are proud to be a pioneer manufacturer in Vietnam with outstanding quality, modern machinery technology, and a technical team trained by leading experts.

Naviwood doors are suitable for all projects such as hotel doors, apartment doors, bedroom doors, bathroom doors, office doors...

The door is 45mm thick, thicker than other types of doors: More luxurious, more durable, better soundproofing

To buy genuine composite wood and plastic doors of the best quality. Please contact Naviwood composite wood and plastic door dealer directly or contact Zalo: 0977 70 73 78 - 0399 656 939 for help, advice, catalogs and door drawings completely free of charge.

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