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Naviwood - Exclusive distributor of Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels in Vietnam

Naviwood - Exclusive distributor of Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels in Vietnam

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Naviwood - Exclusive distributor of Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels in Vietnam

Enhance your project with advanced solutions from Naviwood

Proud to be a pioneer in the field of construction materials, Naviwood is pleased to introduce to customers Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels - the perfect solution for modern projects.

Alnavi - Outstanding quality, leading the trend

  • Light but durable: Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels are manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy, possessing light weight but providing outstanding durability, meeting all strict structural and safety requirements.
  • Effective sound and heat insulation: The unique honeycomb structure helps Alnavi optimize sound and heat insulation, providing a quiet living space and saving energy for the project.
  • Safe fire protection: Alnavi meets high fire resistance standards, contributing to optimal safety protection for users and property.
  • Environmentally friendly: Alnavi production process ensures environmental safety, contributing to creating a green future for life.
  • Diverse applications: Alnavi is suitable for many construction items such as: partitions, ceilings, facades, doors, sunshades...

Aluminum honeycomb door structure

Naviwood - A reputable and dedicated supplier

As the exclusive distributor of Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels in Vietnam, Naviwood commits to:

  • Providing genuine, high quality products that meet all international standards.
  • Competitive prices, attractive incentive policies for customers.
  • Professional, experienced consulting staff , dedicated customer support.
  • Fast and on-time delivery service nationwide.

Contact Naviwood now for free consultation and experience high quality Alnavi products!

Hotline: 0977707378


Naviwood - Enhance the value of projects, create the perfect living space!

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