Plastic wood flooring: application and installation instructions

Plastic wood floor blisters, also known as Composite plastic wood blisters, are composed of WPC synthetic wood wooden bars on top, and on the bottom are pure plastic blisters that are hydraulically pressed together to create a plastic wood blister. Very convenient floor covering, easy to install and disassemble, used for flooring in small areas such as balconies, hallways, gardens, terraces, bathrooms, floors...

What is wooden plastic flooring?

Plastic wood flooring, also known as plastic wood tile, is a new material produced on advanced production lines and technology, skillfully combining wood fiber, plastic and other additives, creating a material Versatile and intelligent, specialized for use in outdoor spaces.

Thanks to being produced according to the latest technical methods, outdoor plastic wood flooring is quite durable. It is estimated that the lifespan of plastic wood blisters can be up to more than 30 years if well preserved. In addition to being highly sustainable over time, these plastic wood floor blister models also come in countless diverse and outstanding colors.

The current popular outdoor wooden flooring has 4 bars placed horizontally in parallel or 6 bars installed staggered together.

The plastic wooden slats are linked to a very sturdy plastic base. The bottom plastic base layer has the effect of creating better drainage slots, is easy to dry and easy to disassemble, and has a high durability of over 30 years.

Blister Wooden flooring is designed with unique, creative PVC plastic, simple to assemble, can be moved and unleashed creativity to make the living space more luxurious and cozy.

Very suitable for bathroom floors, sauna rooms, balconies... creating a relaxing and natural resting space for users.

Plastic wood flooring is increasingly indispensable in garden and swimming pool exteriors. Plastic wood blisters have good water resistance and can be installed in places exposed to water without rotting or expanding. In addition, wooden blisters are also able to withstand outdoor weather, are anti-slip, anti-termite, and not afraid of warping and shrinkage. One characteristic is that wooden floor boards are very quick to construct, highly durable and cost-effective.

Structure of wooden plastic floor blister:

Outdoor wooden flooring is made from WPC composite wood plastic material, which is composed of wood powder mixed with plastic, plus additives extruded at high temperature to create wooden plastic bars with different shapes. Main materials of wooden plastic floor blisters:
  • Material: Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)
  • Ingredients: 60% Wood Pulp, 30% HDPE, 10% Additives
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 26mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg/blister
  • Warranty: 30 Years
  • Applications: Flooring for swimming pools, gardens, terraces, outdoor cafes, flooring for gardens, railings, kitchens, hallways, outdoor walkways, beaches, parks, bathrooms, bathrooms a little bit.

Application of plastic wood blister:

Wooden and plastic blisters line the bathroom floor

Wooden bathroom floor tiles are a new and unique design instead of conventional ceramic tiles. Plastic wooden blisters have a surface made from PVC, beautiful wood grain treated to be water and termite resistant, and anti-slip when in use.

Lining the bathroom floor with plastic wood blisters brings exquisite luxury to the bathroom space, enhancing the value of your life.

Keeps feet warm, anti-slip and cold for the elderly and children

Creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort like being in a luxurious steam room or sauna, with high aesthetics, no warping or mold in environments frequently exposed to water.

Plastic wooden planks line the balcony floor

Wooden balcony flooring with unique and strange designs creates a warm and unique space for your living space. With a special design, plastic wood blisters allow you to quickly renew your balcony without spending much money.

Plastic wood panels for balconies have super water-resistant properties, so you can freely design your home's balcony in many different design styles, not afraid of sun and rain, resistant to ultraviolet rays, so your balcony You will always keep fresh colors over time.

A corridor paved with plastic wood panels with warm natural wood colors will help you relax in a cozy space filled with natural colors.

Advantages of plastic wood flooring.

Plastic wooden planks line the terrace floor

The house's outdoor terrace area is known to be frequently exposed to extremely harsh weather conditions. Therefore, previous flooring materials were often easily damaged after a period of use, but plastic wood flooring is different.

This material possesses many unique features, so it always retains the integrity of its original beauty, solves the problem of material durability, and at the same time, has a dirt-reducing feature that allows for easy cleaning. cleaning, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

If only natural wood floors have a rustic, elegant and luxurious beauty. The beauty of the plastic wood panel lining the terrace floor is a combination of rustic, traditional features and fresh, modern features that are extremely impressive and attractive.

With elegance and sophistication, nowadays, terraces made of plastic wood are even used as a decorative material to create a highlight for a unique, sophisticated exterior space, making it an ideal place to relax. .

Plastic wood panels for outdoor flooring are very luxurious and durable.

Plastic wood blisters for outdoor flooring

If you want to design a modern outdoor space that is close to nature, without having to worry about termite problems, warping, etc., outdoor plastic wood panels are the perfect choice today. You can design soft curves around the pool with plastic wood grills without worrying about the floor becoming moldy, comfortably enjoying the friendly space under the porch or wooden floor. Feel the comfort when walking on wooden floors, the sophistication of each wood grain.

Not only is it the perfect choice for exterior decoration, plastic wood panels are also advised by many architects for customers to make interior landscape decoration products, or garden floors, swimming pool floors. Each unique design idea is expressed with plastic wood panels, further enhancing the luxurious and classy beauty of the home owner.

The trend of using plastic wood blisters is no longer within the family, but has been advised by architects and contractors for customers to use in larger projects such as apartment railings, swimming pool floors, and walkways. Going to resorts, decorating the exterior of villas - townhouses, park walkways, outdoor common areas, cruise ship decks, cafes...

Plastic wood panels are increasingly proving their appeal as they are increasingly widely applied to various projects, bringing sophistication, class, and uniqueness to projects.

How to construct plastic wood flooring?

The first step is one of the important steps to ensure the durability of the floor, making it easy to install plastic wood flooring, meeting technical standards, which is checking and treating the floor surface. In this part, you need to handle rough areas to make them flat, then clean the construction site of plastic wood blister flooring, removing dirt. In addition to preparing the floor surface without protrusions, you need to prepare a few more tools to be able to construct such as plastic wooden floor panels and accessories such as screws and takles of all kinds.

Next is the installation step of plastic wood flooring. In turn, each plastic wooden floor blister is arranged and connected together quite simply and quickly thanks to the locking system of the plastic blister bases on the underside. After completing this step, move on to screwing the plastic wooden floor grate directly to the floor to ensure it does not move, clean the surface and complete the angular details.

With a somewhat unique and creative design, plastic floor coverings can be freely relocated, disassembled, coordinated harmoniously with the landscape and contribute to enriching the living space of consumers.

Is the price of plastic wood flooring expensive?

With many outstanding advantages of plastic wood flooring, it is a widely used material in modern architecture. However, the price of plastic wood flooring is not as expensive as people think. How much does it cost for plastic wood flooring is one of the issues that many people are concerned about today. In fact, the price of plastic wood flooring blisters depends on many different factors, from the type of plastic core (PVC or SPC - white or colored), production technology, origin...

To choose to buy plastic wood flooring at a suitable price, you should pay attention to the purposes of use, function as well as frequency of use to choose plastic wood blisters. The best choice will have the most suitable and economical price.

Reference price: The price of plastic wood flooring panels ranges from 450-500 thousand VND/m2.

How to choose and buy plastic wood flooring:

Currently, plastic wood flooring is sold popularly and widely from professional stores to construction material stores. To choose to buy plastic wood flooring as you like, please note the following points:

Choose size: There are many specifications and thicknesses of plastic wood flooring, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate size for easy installation with little or no cutting to avoid waste. The thickness of plastic wood floor blisters also needs to be paid attention to for each different installation location, depending on the purpose of use, time of use as well as frequency of use.

Color options: Plastic wood flooring has many different colors, so you need to choose a color that matches the surrounding architecture and landscape.

Supplier: You should choose to buy plastic wood flooring at reputable stores or business units with many years of experience, famous brands in the market to buy genuine products as well as receive advice and quotes. specific and guaranteed later.

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