Bedroom feng shui: Plant plants properly

The trend of green architecture, bringing nature into living spaces, is increasingly popular. However, not all types of plants can be grown or placed anywhere in the house. Especially in the bedroom, if you intend to decorate with lots of green plants, be careful about feng shui.

Bedroom feng shui should include green plants

Disadvantages of planting green plants in the bedroom

Growing plants indoors helps add vitality to the house, creates a feeling of relaxation, increases aesthetics, as well as purifies the air of the living space. However, for the bedroom, if you put green plants, you will encounter the following limitations:

- Planting trees up to the ceiling, large trees, or too many trees in the room, etc. according to feng shui is not good, because too many trees will have negative properties, too much negative energy in the room can easily cause fatigue and sadness.

- Care, irrigation, and fertilizer are inconvenient and can dirty the room if not careful.

- Most of the green areas in the house are planted in the skylight or living room, because these are the most open places in the house. In today's modern architecture, bedrooms are given priority to be airy, but in reality there are still many houses with cramped bedrooms, so planting trees here can easily die.

- Having green trees means insects are likely to appear. When there are: mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, etc. in the bedroom, the feeling of comfort that trees bring is definitely not what we expected.

- And finally, the biggest drawback is that most trees absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide, so people often do not dare to put trees in the room to avoid suffocation. If it is a bedroom, it is even more important. Be careful, because when you sleep you will not be aware, making it even more dangerous.

How to overcome the limitations of growing plants in the bedroom

Summarizing the above limitations, we see that decorating green plants in the bedroom has many disadvantages. However, that does not mean we are not allowed to plant trees here, because there is still a solution, specifically as follows:

- The number and size of green plants in the bedroom need to be in balance with the room area. Avoid planting too many, using tall trees when the room area is small, because then the bedroom is like a forest, sleeping in the forest is gloomy and cold because of a lot of negative energy.

Therefore, only use a moderate number of trees, of reasonable size, without affecting the function or aesthetics of the bedroom. The location of plants in the bedroom also needs to be calculated and arranged in directions that require the five elements of wood, thus promoting the effectiveness of feng shui.

- Currently, there are self-sustaining plant pots, i.e. smart plant pots, that can automatically water, providing adequate water and moisture for plants for a whole week, even a whole month, in just one watering session. The problem of drainage and water leakage is also handled intelligently, so there are no more cases of water or soil scattered on the floor, thanks to which the concern about unhygienic conditions in the bedroom has been resolved.

- Most plants have difficulty living in low light environments, releasing carbon dioxide and absorbing oxygen at night, but not all plants are like that. There are plants that can live in low-light environments, purify the air, absorb toxic gases (including carbon dioxide), and release oxygen at night. In addition, these plants also help reduce odors, mold, and bacteria, helping you fall asleep easily and sleep better and deeper. These plants can be listed as: peace lily, snake tongue, aloe vera, spider grass, ivy, betel nut, areca palm, lavender,...

- In addition, the following essential oils should be in the bedroom: lavender, mint, pine, lemongrass, eucalyptus,... to create a pleasant scent and at the same time prevent the presence of insects.

From the above solutions, we see that, if done properly, we can absolutely grow plants in the bedroom. Therefore, the notion: "Growing plants in the bedroom is bad for feng shui" is only viewed from a negative perspective and is not really accurate. Feng shui always has a flexible approach to adapt to many situations, in order to bring the best living space to users.

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