Naviwood - Exclusive distributor of Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels in Vietnam

Naviwood - Exclusive distributor of Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels in Vietnam

Naviwood is proud to be a pioneer in providing customers with modern construction material solutions with high-quality Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels .

Alnavi Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels possess outstanding advantages, meeting all the rigorous needs of projects:

  • Outstanding durability: High strength, anti-warping, anti-termite, completely fireproof, ensuring safety and long life for the project.
Aluminum honeycomb panels with wood grain
  • Exquisite aesthetics: Luxurious natural wood grain surface, bringing a cozy, sophisticated beauty to the interior space.
  • Effective soundproofing and heat insulation: Minimize outside noise, save energy for the house.
  • Safe for health: Bamboo charcoal material is safe, environmentally friendly, ensuring the health of users.
  • Easy to construct: Light weight, easy to transport and install, helping to save time and costs.

Alnavi wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels

Special, Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels distributed by Naviwood have diverse sizes , suitable for many needs:

  • Standard size: 900x2200mm and 900x2400mm
  • Large size: 1220x2400mm

In addition, Naviwood also provides on-demand processing services , meeting all sizes and shapes desired by customers.

Naviwood commits:

  • Providing genuine Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels , high quality, with clear origin.
  • Competitive prices, attractive incentive policies for customers.
  • A team of professional and experienced consulting staff helps customers choose products that suit their needs.
  • Fast and on-time delivery service nationwide.

Alnavi aluminum honeycomb room door

Naviwood - Enhance the value of projects, create the perfect living space!

Contact Naviwood immediately for free consultation and experience high quality Alnavi aluminum honeycomb panels!

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