What is super white glass?

Ultra clear glass is a transparent glass with the ability to transmit light at all product thicknesses. This type of glass is commonly used in architectural and interior works thanks to its aesthetic and environmentally friendly factors.

Super white glass

In Vietnam, in recent years, ultra-white glass is gradually gaining popularity, from applications on high-end showroom facades, balconies, stair railings... to home interior decoration, display cabinets.

In addition, ultra-white glass materials are also used in some applications to replace conventional float glass to help raise the class of buildings and create space openness.

However, most super white glass products used in Vietnam must be imported from China and India at high prices. To meet domestic market demand and replace imported goods with reasonable quality and price, many businesses have invested in technology to research and produce super white glass.

Super white glass made in Vietnam

Super white glass is produced in Vietnam for the first time

Recently, Viglacera Corporation - JSC (stock code VGC) announced that it has successfully produced the first square meters of super white glass at the Phu My super white float glass factory, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

This ultra-white glass factory has an area of ​​nearly 15 hectares with a design capacity of 1,500 tons of liquid glass/day, divided into 2 phases. Of which, phase 1 has a capacity of 600 tons/day and phase 2 has a capacity of 900 tons/day.

"Made in Vietnam" super white glass products are manufactured with standard thicknesses from 3-12mm with common sizes and large formats up to 3,658x4,000mm, which can meet the needs of projects with facades. big.

Super white glass

Ultra-white glass with low iron content makes the glass transparent and transparent up to 91.5%

The manufacturer said that super white glass is a line of glass products with low iron content that makes the glass transparent and transparent up to 91.5% (normal glass is 86%).

Accordingly, this type of glass is often used in construction architecture, interior design (high-end mirrors, tables and chairs, mosaics), energy-saving glass and other industrial applications such as making blanks for production. Solar batteries as well as applications in the automobile industry.

In addition, with a coating capable of preventing ultraviolet (UV) rays, super white glass is also suitable for the design of facades of high-end buildings and showrooms.

Construction experts believe that ultra-white glass is a new material with great development potential, bringing long-term benefits in the future to both the construction and renewable energy industries.

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