Reasons to use fingerprint door locks and instructions for choosing fingerprint locks

Besides traditional door locks, consumers today are very fond of fingerprint lock products. This is a high-end product line that is very suitable composite plastic wood door . Below are the reasons to use fingerprint door locks and how to choose a smart fingerprint lock for your family.

What is a fingerprint door lock?

Fingerprint door lock is a type of lock that does not use a key as usual but will be opened with a fingerprint. This is a type of lock that uses fingerprints instead of keys to open the door to the house.

Smart locks have the functions of opening by fingerprint, by magnetic card, by code, and by App for phones, which is very convenient and safe.

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Advantages of fingerprint locks

Fingerprint-based security

No two people have the same fingerprints. Each fingerprint design is unique to that person. So if lock the door Failure to recognize the fingerprint of someone trying to enter your home or business will result in that person being denied access.

Eliminate the problem of lost keys

If you lose your key or have to break the lock to enter the house, using a fingerprint lock will help you solve that problem. Fingerprint door locks do not allow anyone access unless the locking system is programmed to recognize that person's fingerprint, or in other words, your fingerprint is the key.

Safer than traditional locks

One of the other benefits of fingerprint door locks is that they are not as easily stolen or copied as traditional locks. Traditional door locks can be copied, so the door can easily be opened by thieves to steal furniture and property.

Fingerprint smart door lock for composite wood and plastic doors


Fingerprint locks are easy to install and use, as many door locks come with easy-to-use displays and voice guidance features. Program the system to operate efficiently without requiring maintenance.

Save more in the long run

Regarding the initial investment, fingerprint door locks are little compared to traditional locks. However, in the long run, you will not have to spend money on making keys without having to constantly repair and maintain them.

Fingerprint locks are trending in use nowadays.

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How to choose the best fingerprint lock:

On the market there are many types of modern smart locks that integrate all opening and closing functions such as: unlocking with fingerprint, unlocking with magnetic card, unlocking door with mechanical key, unlocking door with magnetic phone app. distant...

Naviwood composite wooden doors use fingerprint smart locks.

To choose to buy a smart lock for wooden doors/fingerprint door lock for good composite plastic wooden doors that are durable, beautiful, safe and easy to use, please learn carefully about the product such as door lock opening and closing function, brand. products, app operating systems for phones (if any)... currently there are many product lines from medium to high-end that integrate many different functions as well as the colors of fingerprint door locks, Others can choose by color. In addition, you need to research carefully and choose to buy products with long-standing brands on the market as well as reputable and professional fingerprint lock suppliers to avoid buying poor quality products.

Navi Wood Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in manufacturing composite wood-plastic doors in Vietnam. Naviwood plastic wooden doors (WPC) are produced on the most modern and advanced technological line today. Naviwood doors have perfect quality, sophisticated design in every detail, and a variety of designs and colors. Naviwood door products are recommended by experts and architects because they use environmentally friendly green materials.

Composite plastic wooden doors use smart fingerprint locks used as hotel doors.

Our company provides manual door locks and high-end smart locks installed on composite plastic wooden doors. When installing fingerprint door locks for composite plastic wooden doors, you are completely satisfied with the quality, accuracy and durability of the product.

We have provided hundreds of fingerprint smart door locks for customers to use for hotel doors, apartment doors, and bedroom doors in all provinces and cities nationwide.

If you need or use another type of fingerprint lock for composite plastic wooden doors, we can drill the lock for free upon request.

Above is an article about fingerprint locks and how to choose the best fingerprint lock for you to choose suitable for your family. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or message to us.

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