Guide to Buying Beautiful and Luxurious Toilet Doors

Guide to Buying Beautiful and Luxurious Toilet Doors

The toilet is an important space in every house, contributing to the comfort and aesthetics of the overall architecture. Choosing the right bathroom door not only ensures privacy but also contributes to enhancing the beauty of this space. This article will share with you the secrets to buying beautiful and luxurious bathroom doors.

1. Choose door material

Material is an important factor that determines the durability, aesthetics and price of the toilet door. Some popular materials today include:

  • Natural wood: Wooden doors have a luxurious, warm beauty and are highly durable. However, the price of this type of door is quite high and needs regular maintenance to avoid warping and termites.
  • Composite plastic wood: This material is more resistant to water, moisture, and termites than natural wood. Composite plastic wood doors also have many diverse designs, suitable for many interior styles.

Wood plastic composite toilet door

  • ABS plastic: ABS plastic doors are cheap, easy to clean and have many colors to choose from. However, the durability of this type of door is not as high as natural wood and composite wood.
  • Aluminum glass: Aluminum glass doors are highly durable, cheap and easy to install. However, this type of door often creates a cold feeling and is not suitable for small bathroom spaces.

2. Door design

You should choose a door style that matches the area and design style of the toilet. Some popular door styles include:

  • Revolving door: This is the traditional and most commonly used door type. Revolving doors can maximize the door area, making entry and exit easier.

The bathroom door swings open

  • Sliding doors: Sliding doors help save space and create a spacious feeling for the space. However, this type of door is not as tight as a revolving door.
  • Folding doors: Folding doors are a suitable choice for bathrooms with small areas. This type of door can be folded neatly when not in use, helping to save maximum space.

3. Door size

The door size needs to match the size of the frame and the toilet area. You should measure carefully before buying the door to ensure the door fits the frame and does not hinder use.

4. Door color

You should choose a door color that matches the main color tone of the bathroom. Some popular colors for bathroom doors include white, light yellow, light blue, etc. v.

Toilet doors come in a variety of colors

5. Door accessories

Door accessories include locks, hinges, handles, etc. v. You should choose door accessories that are of good quality and suitable for the style of the door.

6. Reputable address to buy doors

To buy beautiful and luxurious bathroom doors in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, you should choose reputable addresses with many years of experience in the field of providing toilet doors. Some reputable addresses that you can refer to include:

  • Naviwood: Specializes in providing high-quality composite wood-plastic toilet doors, with many diverse designs and competitive prices. Website:
  • Alnavi: Providing a variety of Alnavi aluminum honeycomb toilet doors. Website:
  • Naviwindow: Specializes in providing high-quality aluminum and glass bathroom doors. Website:

Alnavi aluminum honeycomb toilet door

7. Some things to note when buying a toilet door

  • You should research prices at many different stores before buying to get the best price.
  • You need to carefully check the quality of the door before buying, especially the frame, door and accessories.
  • You should choose to buy doors with a warranty to ensure customers' rights.

Structure of Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet door

Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet door is composed of the following main parts:

1. Door:

  • 45mm thick monolithic door: The door is made from monolithic composite plastic wood, 45mm thick, ensuring strength, durability and absolute water resistance.

Composite wood-plastic toilet door structure

  • Door frame: Door frame is made from high-quality PVC, combined with wood powder and additives, ensuring rigidity and safety.
  • Coating: The door surface is covered with wood grain film or high-quality paint, creating a luxurious and modern beauty.
  • Rubber seal: Rubber seal installed around the door helps reduce noise, provides good sound insulation and is effective against water.

2. Enclosure:

  • The bag frame is made from high-quality PVC: The bag frame is made from high-quality PVC, with good resistance to water, moisture, termites and warping.
  • Wall gap cover splint: Wall gap cover splint is made from PVC or wood, helping to hide the gap between the frame and the wall, creating aesthetics for the bathroom door.

The door is 45mm thick

3. Accessories:

  • Hinge: Hinge is made from high quality 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and high load capacity.
  • Handle: The handle is made from stainless steel or ABS plastic, has a luxurious design and is convenient to use.
  • Door lock: Door lock is made from high quality stainless steel, anti-rust and ensures safety when used.

Advantages of Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet doors:

    • Absolutely waterproof: Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet doors are 100% absolutely water-resistant, suitable for wet environments such as toilets.
    • Good heat resistance: The door has good heat resistance, does not warp or shrink due to temperature changes, and is adaptable to all harsh weather conditions.

The toilet door is waterproof

    • Effective sound and heat insulation: Doors help minimize noise, creating a quiet space for the house.
    • Anti-termites and invasive insects: The door is treated to prevent termites and invasive insects, protecting the door from damage and increasing its service life.
    • Safe for health: The door does not contain Formaldehyde, safe for users, especially children and the elderly.
    • Diverse and rich designs: Doors have many different designs, colors and designs, suitable for all architectural spaces.
    • High durability: Lifespan up to 20 years, saving replacement and repair costs.
    • Easy to clean and maintain: Simple cleaning, saving time and effort.

Production of toilet doors according to requirements

Production of composite wood-plastic toilet doors upon request

Naviwood provides wood-plastic composite toilet door manufacturing services according to customer requirements. Customers can choose the design, color, style and size of the door as they like. With a team of professional staff and modern machinery systems, Naviwood is committed to providing customers with high quality products that meet all requirements.

Address for selling Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet doors

Naviwood composite wood-plastic toilet doors are sold at authorized dealers nationwide. Customers can refer to the list of agents on Naviwood's website:

In addition, customers can also purchase online on Naviwood's website or contact the company directly for advice and support:

    • Naviwood Joint Stock Company
    • Address: 25 Street 1, Binh Hung Hoa, Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Factory: 1092/15 Duong Cong Khi, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Hotline/Zalo: (+84) 977.70.73.78
    • Customer service: (+84) 977.795.782
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