Instructions for buying the most beautiful and best composite wooden plastic doors in Playku, Gia Lai

Composite plastic wood doors are the trend most used as bedroom doors, hotel doors, and bathroom doors. Choosing a door is very necessary to ensure you choose the right door model in terms of quality and design.

What is a composite wood-plastic bedroom door:

Wood plastic composite doors , also known as "wood plastic doors", "wood grain plastic doors" (WPC - Wood Plastic Composite), are a line of beautifully designed modern doors, chosen by many customers because of their diversity of styles. design and reasonable price.
The door has an exterior like a natural wooden door, but the inside components are wood powder and plastic, so it has outstanding advantages such as absolute water resistance, termite resistance, warp resistance, no shrinkage, and no cracking. , non-flammable, extremely resistant to corrosion and mold, environmentally friendly.
Naviwood composite wood and plastic doors

Characteristics of Naviwood composite wood and plastic bedroom doors:

Material: 100% water-resistant composite wood.

Genuine imported ingredients.

Door thickness: 45mm, more luxurious, more durable, better soundproofing.

High quality wood grain PVC color film.

Rust-proof 304 stainless steel door lock.

Rust-proof 304 stainless steel hinges, 3mm thick, 125mm long, 5"x3'x3mm.

High-quality damping rubber door seals help to insulate sound from opening and closing the door smoothly.

Specification: Products are manufactured directly according to customer's required dimensions.

Careful packaging: The product always has packaging and a protective film with the manufacturer's logo printed on it.

Time limit: fast delivery from 3-7 working days.

Quantity: unlimited, large quantities with great incentives.

The most sold products today are used as bedroom doors, bathroom doors, office doors...

Advantages of Naviwood composite wood-plastic doors:

45mm thick monolithic door, 100% water resistant

No toxic substances Formaldehyde, Benzene... like other conventional doors.

No termites. No cracking, no warping, no periodic painting like natural wooden doors.

No fire spread: The door does not catch fire and does not burn like other conventional doors.

Door frames are sturdy and durable with many options to suit wall thickness.

The door opens and closes very gently, is well soundproofed with a high-quality rubber seal system. Good insulation (hollow cavity design with low thermal conductivity).

Easy to use: Safe for users and environmentally friendly.

Easy and quick installation.

Reasonable price.

Diverse designs and colors. The door is highly durable and can be used for over 30 years.

Wooden plastic composite doors at Playku

Instructions for choosing and buying beautiful composite wood-plastic bedroom doors

Composite plastic wood doors are popular and widely used in the world and in Vietnam. To choose a bedroom door suitable for feng shui, you first need to determine the thickness of the door frame to build it correctly. Avoid designing doors that require costly repairs after construction.

Choose the size of composite wood-plastic bedroom door according to feng shui:

Door size: You should choose a bedroom door with a reasonable size to avoid a door that is too small and causes inconvenience, but it should not be too large and takes up space when opening and closing the door.

- Clearance size (air ventilation size) of this type of door is 810mm (horizontal) x 2150mm (height) with the following displacement:

Width 810mm (allowable range is 805mm to 818mm).

Height 2150mm (allowable range is 2145mm to 2160mm).

When building a waiting box to install a door according to feng shui, you must take into account the allowable clearance for installing the door. Usually the allowable clearance for door installation is 5-10mm.

* Feng shui door width is 810mm, door cover size is 895mm, then build a waiting box of 900mm

* The door is 2150mm high, the door cover is 2195mm and the waiting box is 2200mm.

Feng shui standard door size

Choose bedroom door by color:

Door color: You should choose new color models according to new trends to avoid being outdated. Choose the same color as the interior to make the space elegant and luxurious.

Origin of production materials

Raw materials for producing composite wood-plastic doors: Door material is an important criterion to evaluate the quality of the door set. With good materials, the durability of the door will be good.

Thickness of door:

The thicker the door, the better the soundproofing ability. When holding and opening and closing the door, it will feel more solid and durable.

Reputable supplier:

You should choose a professional manufacturer or officially authorized dealer of famous brands that have been on the market for a long time. Reputable manufacturers have been certified to have high quality and reputable products with modern industrial-scale factory systems and widespread distribution systems.

The beautiful standard composite wood plastic bedroom door has a clear manufacturer's protection label.

Reputable manufacturers always produce high quality products, have clear labels and have many good policies for customers.

In addition, you can choose the bedroom door and the color of the composite wood plastic bedroom door according to gender, for example girl's bedroom door, boy's bedroom door, parents' bedroom door...

Quotation for Naviwood composite wooden and plastic doors:

To buy genuine composite wood and plastic doors of the best quality. Please contact Naviwood composite wooden door dealer directly or contact Zalo: 0977 70 73 78 - 0399 656 939

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