Beautiful and Luxurious Composite Wood Bedroom Doors: Quote for Naviwood Composite Wood Plastic Bedroom Doors in District 10

Naviwood Composite Wood Bedroom Door - A Classy Choice

In a modern living space, choosing a bedroom door not only ensures aesthetics but also needs to meet the requirements for durability, sound insulation and bearing capacity. The Naviwood composite wood bedroom door with a thickness of 45mm is the perfect choice for you. The product not only brings luxurious beauty but also ensures sustainability and effective soundproofing, creating a quiet and relaxing resting space.

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Outstanding Advantages of Naviwood Composite Wood Bedroom Doors:

  1. Outstanding Durability :

    • With a thickness of 45mm, the Naviwood composite wood bedroom door ensures high durability, can withstand strong impacts and does not deform over time.
    • Outstanding water and termite resistance, suitable for Vietnam's humid climate.
  2. Luxurious Beauty :

    • Modern design with delicate colors and wood grain, suitable for many different interior styles.
    • The door surface is meticulously finished, bringing luxurious beauty and class to the bedroom space.
  3. Good Soundproofing Ability :

    • With a special structure and 45mm thickness, Naviwood bedroom doors have good sound insulation, helping to create a quiet space, perfect for sleep and relaxation.
Naviwood composite wood and plastic bedroom door

Price Quote for Naviwood Composite Wood Bedroom Doors in District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh

If you are looking for the most beautiful composite wood-plastic bedroom door in District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh, please contact us immediately to receive a quote and detailed advice. With a commitment to quality and service, we are proud to bring customers the best products at competitive prices.

Contact Now:

  • Address : Showroom and store in District 10
  • Phone : 0399 656 939 - 0977 70 73 78
  • Email :

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Why Choose Us?

  • Guaranteed Quality : We are committed to providing genuine Naviwood products, ensuring high quality and outstanding durability.
  • Professional Service : A team of enthusiastic and experienced consultants will assist you in choosing the product that best suits your needs.
  • Competitive Prices : We always give customers the best prices and many attractive incentives.

"45mm thick door: More luxurious, more durable, better soundproofing"

Come to us to experience the difference and class from Naviwood composite wood-plastic bedroom doors. The door is not only a part of the house, but also a symbol of luxury and modern lifestyle.

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